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Are these players over?

The following players have had serious problems in the recent months (maybe years). Most of them are still young, they've been high on the rankings, but dropped or are going to do it.
What do you predict to these players for the future?

- Vera Zvonareva (currently #46, #9 in August): she's had many, many problems since the start of the season. Apart from the Auckland tournament, before the final, she's lost all her matches, the worst defeat being the match against Selima Sfar, ranked over #200.

- Jelena Jankovic (currently #26, #17 in August): she only won one match (a 3-set one) this year. Since last June and her crazy match against Myskina at Wimbledon (10/8 last set), she hasn't done much (one Tier IV final). She hasn't fall on the rankings but the worst is yet to come (SF in Berlin, F in Birmingham...)

- Serena Williams (fell to #58): she hasn't played since her 3rd round defeat at the Australian Open. She withdrew from Miami, injured. Last year, she won one tournament (the AO) then reached one SF. Some people think she's going to retire soon.

- Karolina Sprem (#75, #17 at best): she's had a disastrous 2005 season and really needs consistency. She can win a match easily, then being beaten as easily, against a lower-ranked opponent. At the end of 2005 she reached the final in Kolkata. This year, at the Australian Open, she caused problems to Lindsay Davenport. Encouraging. Will she be back close to her best rank?

- Evgenia Linetskaya (#141, #35 in July): injured at the end of last season, Evgenia has only won 2 matches since Rome, in May. Since the US Open, she hasn't won a single match. Currently she's injured again.

- Jelena Dokic (#412, #4 in 2002): very hard to go back to her 2002 form. Do you think she has a chance of reaching the top 30 - 20 - maybe 10 again?

- Iroda Tulyaganova (#399, #16 in 2002): having problems with her elbow since mid-2003. In 2004 and 2005, she only played one WTA tournament (in her hometown Tashkent) and hasn't played a single tournament this year. She's only 24, so she still has time to recover. Do you see her coming back to the top 50 or even 30 again?

- Conchita Martinez (currently #51): this year, the 33-year-old Spanish hasn't played yet. In April she'll be 34... is this injury synonym of retirement?

Now let's discuss it.
You can add players if you think it's necessary

Please fans, try to be as obvious as possible
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never count serena out, she's made so many combacks, and be prepared for her biggest one yet!
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serena can easily comeback if she wants, who knows if she wants to...

i think vera is over

i never thought jankovic was anything impressive, i expect her to hang out between 20-35 for her career

dokic and tulyaganova are toast

linetskaya is young and only injured, i think she can come back and have a reasonable career

i expect sprem to rise and fall over and over again in her career, her style of play will not allow her to remain steady near the top

martinez i assume is resting to make one final push and probably bow out after the french...that's my guess

It will always be Arantxa, hall of famer! and martina hingis and kim clijsters - amazing legends
ana ivanovic and the italian girls, especially pennetta (forza azzurre! RG CHAMP FRANCESCA AND FINALIST SARA!)
aga, vika, sam, na in the next tier
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Shame about Dokic, she should never have lost so much weight, maybe her big bust was her secret weopen on court.
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I Think Dokic, Tulyaganova, Zvonareva, Sprem and Martinez are "over"

as for Linetskaya the next couple of years are telling.

And for Serena, I mean who knows. She can get back to #1, whether she will or not though is another question.
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I enjoyed Tulyaganova, too bad she's probably "over"

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Vera Zvonareva- Nope. but I dont think she'll find much success
Jelena Jankovic- Yes...she was never all that to begin with
Serena Williams- Hell No!
Karolina Sprem- No way. She's still got game
Evgenia Linetskaya- Probably not. shes good
Jelena Dokic- Maybe. She can continue her comeback if she gets it together
Iroda Tulyaganova- Yes. shes way over
Conchita Martinez- Not on clay

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Originally Posted by furrykitten
Shame about Dokic, she should never have lost so much weight, maybe her big bust was her secret weopen on court.
Well, with all the lesbians on the WTAtour...

Venus: US Open Champ (2000, 2001) Wimbledon Champ (2000, 2001, 2005, 2007)
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Vera Zvonareva- I think she has a chance, but I don't know. She's so emotional, it's gotta be hard for a personality like hers to not be winning anymore.
Jelena Jankovic- She could have a slide similar to that of Sprem if she doesn't get it together soon. I assume she will slide down the rankings because some strong parts of 2005. I think she'll come back in 2007, honestly.
Serena Williams- If she doesn't start playing more, get in better shape, and concentrate a bit, it's possible that she may not reenter the top 10 anytime soon.
Karolina Sprem- I don't expect to see her back tomorrow, but someday, Sprem will return to at least top 30.
Evgenia Linetskaya- It'll take a while, she definitely has game though.
Jelena Dokic- I think if she were to focus on her comeback a bit more, she could make it to around 50-100, but never again will we see her contending for anything all that important.
Iroda Tulyaganova- Probably has a chance of lingering around 100 and becoming a tricky journeywoman, but don't see her up very high.
Conchita Martinez- She has the game, but will probably retire very soon.

dementieva + sharapova + bartoli + chakvetadze
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I dont think Linetskaya is "over"
she is just 19,she is just injured.

.Maria Kirilenko.

A.K.A MakiriRocks
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Conchita doesn´t worry about rankings, she only wants to be funny playing tennis, and when she doesn´t, she will retire

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Iroda probably
Jelena J -really dont think so
Karolina S - nope she ll come back one day
Vera Z - probably will be back maybe not top 10 but sure top 20
Evgenia L - she certainly is not over - too bad for her she got injured when things were starting to go well for her
Serena - well the only problem for her is to FOCUS on her tennis career -if she doesnt care that much anymore, shes done, if she regroups mentally OF COURSE she'll be back (I kinda hope so )

Conchita - I dont know , I so dont hope so ... I really hope she'll recover 100% and play at least a last season

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Vera Zvonareva- i cant see vera getting back in the top 10, she has the game but she still says that her mentality on court doesnt affect her results, which it clearly does. i see her continuing to slide down the rankings.

Jelena Jankovic- no i dont think shes over, i dont think she ever really reached her best. she admitted she has no confidence (i think since that myskina match at wimby)-she needs a big win to get herself back on track. i expect to see her in the top 15 but maybe not for a couple of years.

Serena Williams- she's not over-still the best in the business and she has the self confidence to get beat the best and get back to the top of the game.

Karolina Sprem- no, she'll be back-i cant see her ever being that consistent but i can see some big wins happening for her.

Evgenia Linetskaya- not sure-shes got a decent game but i think the issues with her dad and coach have ruined her mentally.

Jelena Dokic- probably top 100 at best, cant see top 5 again.

Iroda Tulyaganova- im not even sure shes trying to come back-so i'll say shes over

Conchita Martinez- if she comes back during the clay season, she can cause a few problems for the top players but her best days are behind her.
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Not much comments on the other players (basically I think they're not gonna return to their former glory)

But we should never never count out a champion like Serena Williams! Someone who has won 7 slams (including 4 in a row!!!) and dominated the tour like she did. Martina Hingis is a prime example of that a multiple slam champion and dominant player can come back strong. If serena gets her groove back, she'd make a rise even more dramatic than martina's.

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Vera Zvonareva - She may yet be a bleep on the screen but she is likely done if she doesn't get mental help

Jelena Jankovic - Done as top 20 and now pays the price of overplaying. She may make some noise in future but is likely marginal

Serena Williams - a hall of fame carreer derailed . May make a comeback but it will be few and far between. Think Capriati who took years to get together and do something. Interesting to see how low she goes until she changes her ways

Karolina Sprem - completelly done as top 50, likely a marginal player in the future. Just doesn't have high ball IQ.

Evgenia Linetskaya - If she settles her family situation she may comeback and be top 50 but her health is in question.

Jelena Dokic - Completelly done as a factor. She is just not commited to the sport and time has passed her by

Iroda Tulyaganova - I don't know here but I guess it's done as she is injured or something.

Conchita Martinez - she may take an easy road out and retire. But I suspect she will wildcard her way to some tournaments and I don't know why as she is handled easily by even lower ranked opponents.
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