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Kim's victory today keeps Martina in the lead despite having played one less tourney than Venus. Cappy plays this week so she might move back ahead of Venus at Berlin. Martina also plays and after this week will have the same number of tourneys as Venus but should go into Rome with a decent lead. Kim earned beaucoup points and is now ahead of Justine....

01 M.HINGIS............ 1861 133 1994 01

03 V.WILLIAMS.......... 1671 230 1901 02

02 J.CAPRIATI.......... 1672 0 1672 03

04 M.SELES............. 1652 0 1652 04

05 S.WILLIAMS.......... 1155 0 1155 05

10 K.CLIJSTERS......... 678 361 1039 06

06 J.HENIN............. 972 59 1031 07

08 D.HANTUCHOVA........ 816.75 67 883.75 08

07 A.MAURESMO.......... 844 0 844 09

15 J.DOKIC............. 599 156 755 10

09 S.FARINA-ELIA....... 705 0 705 11

11 P.SCHNYDER.......... 647 1 648 12

12 A.KREMER............ 645 1 646 13

21 I.MAJOLI............ 539 96 635 14

13 S.TESTUD............ 634 0 634 15

18 E.DEMENTIEVA........ 592 34 626 16

14 N.DECHY............. 604 0 604 17

16 J.HUSAROVA.......... 599 0 599 18

17 A.STEVENSON......... 594.75 0 594.75 19

19 A.SMASHNOVA......... 576.50 0 576.50 20

20 A.COETZER........... 550 0 550 21

22 T.TANASUGARN........ 526 1 527 22

23 T.PANOVA............ 517 1 518 23

24 A.KOURNIKOVA........ 484 20 504 24

25 A.MYSKINA........... 474.75 1 475.75 25

26 M.SHAUGHNESSY....... 471 0 471 26

27 Ad.SERRA-ZANETTI.... 463.75 1 464.75 27

28 P.SUAREZ............ 462 0 462 28

30 K.SREBOTNIK......... 430 18 448 29

29 E.GAGLIARDI......... 431.75 0 431.75 30

31 L.RAYMOND........... 420 0 420 31

32 A.SUGIYAMA.......... 416.75 0 416.75 32

33 N.PRATT............. 345.25 27 372.25 33

34 T.PISNIK............ 328.75 39 367.75 34

37 M.MALEEVA........... 313 20 333 35

46 A.SANCHEZ-VICARIO... 264 67 331 36

35 M.SUCHA............. 325 1 326 37

47 B.SCHETT............ 261 63 324 38

43 M.SERNA............. 274 48 322 39

36 D.BEDANOVA.......... 314 0 314 40

T.GARBIN............ 211 102 313 41

An.BARNA............ 237.50 69.75 307.25 42

38 M.WEINGARTNER....... 303 1 304 43

41 C.BLACK............. 286 12.75 298.75 44

A.CARLSSON-SVENSSON. 120.25 174 294.25 45

M.MULLER............ 243.50 48 291.50 46

39 E.DYRBERG........... 289.75 0 289.75 47

40 S.FORETZ............ 289 0 288 48

F.SCHIAVONE......... 239 48 287 49

42 E.DANIILIDOU........ 279 0 279 50

================================================== ==
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Where are all my Martian friends? And kim fans? Jenn fans? dang. I'm feeling good cuz yesterday was Kentucky Derby here in LOUISVILLE. TONS of parties and TONS of celebrities. The gay bar must have had 12000 people in it. !!!
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The real Rankings :
Player #Tourn Points
Venus 15 4631
Jenifer 16 4553
Kim 21 3699
Martina 16 3508
Serena 10 3363
Monica 17 3360
Lindsay 11 3350
Justine 21 3112
Jelena 30 3074
Amelie 17 2252

Note that despite playing 1 less tournament than Martina for the whole year Venus is a clear 1000 pts ahead of her and jennifer with the same no of tournaments is also 1000 pts ahead fact serena is right on her tail with 6 less tournaments ( can you say quality over quantity). also note that Venus stopped playing in the fall before Martina was injured.

The real ranking takes into account everyones favourite season ...since it represents a whole year at any point in time you look at it . The race doesn't tell us much since we are drawing to the end of say martina's favourite part of the year(Rebound ace, clay) and yet to reach Venus favourite part of the year (grass and American hardcourts . On a side note Congrats to Kim on her Hamburg victory and well done Venus ( and Jennifer) for showing consistency for a whole year and not just in your favourite season.
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Hey Brian your post is 100% correct. But my thread was about the race and obviously you don't like it that Martina is ahead despite Venus playing much more. Everybody always claimed that if Venus played more tournaments that she would run away with the lead. Doesn't seem to be the case. Also Martina is not through with her favorite surfaces by any means. Despite what you wrote Martina still has two Tier 1's in clay and Roland Garros. Also I think she will regain good form on grass. She won Wimbledon and also the Heineken in 2000 over Capriati in the finals. Last year she played no grass warmups for the first time ever and lost in the first round of Wimby with back problems. She was the only player in 2000 Wimbledon who really pushed Venus just barely losing by a break in the third set. Also Martina LOVES the end of the year INDOOR season which includes some serious Tier I's and Tier II's and the championships. She really plays very well INDOORS.

So no this is the race not the rankings but the race reflects your RANKING POINTS earned in 2002. My point is that despite all the gloom and doom talk surround Martina the numbers don't back that up at all. Also Martina is WAY AHEAD in the money leaders race having reached the semis in Hamburg and then easily winning the doubles final
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How can one tournament be much more ...that is stupid ....venus has played more tournaments than her usual 12 and she has run away with the lead at least as far as Martina is concerned...she still has 1 less tournament than Martina ..what people said is that if venus ever has 16 or 17 tournaments on the computer she would be no 1 and that she is( with 15) ..wouldn't matter if martina had 19 or 20 tournaments on the computer she still wouldn't be competitive for the top spot ......Yes your right Martina's best time of the year isn't yet over but Venus best part of the year is still to come and she's still closer to martina than in any previous year fact martina's performance to date is probaly worse than last years at the same date and we all know how last year turned out ...who cares if she's leading the money race ...she's always leading the money race at this time of year every year so what new information are supplying....its obviously you who can't stand the fact that venus just beat Martina again on her much vaunted clay could have printed the race information without your bitchy little side comments ...but no thats not enough... so two can play at the same game ...what is martina now 0-3 against willams sisters for the year with more losses to come in the hard court season ..what was she at this time last year 3-1 hardly an improvement ..she's pretty lucky she has been managing to avoid jennifer and lindsay's injured ..those are 2 players who regularly beat up on her what would her stat look like then ...Pretty dismal....I think she should thank the lord for small mercies ........
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My comments are not bitchy but you do perceive them that way. Since you are so hostile I will just delete this thread. It's obvious that you want to argue with me and I have no time for that. It seems you miss the point I was making about less tournaments being played by Martina than Venus. I was referring to this year's race not the rankings. Martina has indeed played one less event than Venus this year and still has more points. That's just a fact. I am happy about that and have a right to be. I have lowered my expectations for Martina anyways but still believe in her and this year is actually slightly better than last year. She is wisely withdrawing from Berlin which is really a new way of thinking for her and I am glad about that.
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treufreund- please do not delete your thread! I find it an interesting statistic and inspirational actually!!! It's fascinating to see who could end up in the Top 50 at the end of the year if their results hold up. I appreciate your post, so don't worry about other people's opinions. They have a right to say what they think too, but you don't need to agree.
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Yes they are bitchy have posted the same thing at least half a dozen times week in and week out never mentioning the other players that she has played less than ( by more than 1 whole tournament !) ......went as far as calling venus a point whore ...(stupid if she's merely trying to complete her schedule of 17 and not exceed it) .......but anyway I hope Martina recovers ( just read about a possible injury .....makes it lowdown to be making fun of an injured player ) having nothing against her ......just dislike you.......My apologies to the other classy Martina fans .....would have let this trolls crap ride .(just got a bit tired of seeing it) .if i'd known about the injury ...posting misleading stats doesn't change the reality of who cares?
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Hey, hey stop arguing! I find the race numbers interesting, too. The race and the real rankings do not measure the same thing. Obviously the real rankings is an indication of 52 week results, while the race includes points from January 1. At the end of the year, the results will be nearly the same, except that the race will inlcude all tournaments and the rankings only 17, I think.

Onwards... I think it is neat to see if players like Daniela and Patty will be able to keep their race positions. The race is also fun because it gives an idea of who is playing well and who is not.

So thanks for posting!

By the way, the reason Martina is ahead is because she has a GS final, a Tier I final, and a Tier I title, and Venus doesn't so far this year.

I hope Martina can keep it up and Daniela makes the top ten and Patty qualifies for the year end championships!!!
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Thanks for the leg work.

Nice posts. REALLY nice ones.

-one of those "bad" Williams fans that everyone keeps talking about


I don't mind straight people as long as they act gay in public!
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The "points whore" was so totally a little joke! It was Capriati who made reference to "some players playing small events to get points". I said that I don't really think that about Venus. It was a joke and TOTAL IRONY but many people did not understand that irony because they don't want to ADMIT THAT THERE WAS A LOT OF HYPOCRISY about MARTINA playing smaller tournaments (which by the way was only Dubai and Doha and Amelia Island) The point I was making was that last year when Martina played a lot of tourneys people criticized the hell out of her and when Venus does it and is still not the inevitable #1 then it's worth it for me to put out the hypocrisy from some posters who HATED it when Martina was playing lots of tourneys but praise Venus for doing so. Also the assertion was made by people on the board and in the TENNIS COMMUNITY that if Venus were playing more events that the other players that she WOULD CLEARLY DOMINATE. That is not the case at all though. I am gonna keep pointing out these things cuz it's the truth. The things you wrote about Venus are also true and I have no problem with that. OKAY.

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