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How do YOU play?

I know many of you guys play tennis yourself so I was wondering what's your style?
I mean are you a baseline player or a serve and volley player?
Do you have a one-handed backhand or a two handed?
What's your best and worst shot?
Are you a powerplayer?
With which tennis player would you compare your game?

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I'm a powerplayer, get my advantage in my serve. Two handed backhand. Don't like playing volleys (I'm a bit clumpsy), so more the baseline-type. Best shots: forehand and backhand cross court. Weak shots: backhand long line and volleys

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mr. Greg Rusedski? he was inspired by me!

i have the fastest serve in my practice group (im 13, some of them are 16), & magnifisent volleys, my forehand sucks, although its huge, but my backhand rocks, although its weak

best shot: SERVE!
wrost shot: forehand

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Im a baseliner but when i feel confortable i go right up there. My worst shot its my back hand my best shot is my forehand! Im a one handed forehander and a two handed back hand. I am definently not a power player! Noones

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right handed
doubl handed backhand
i like to hit hard (i try it)
my serve is weak
but i´m a fighter on the court - thats the best on me

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Right Hander
Two handed Forehand
Two handed Backhand
Serve : Average (I am trying to serve à la Hingis high %)
My best shot : Forhand down the line.
My worst shot : THE NET!!! I never go there.
I am mostly a basliner, I go to the net just to shake hands or to pick-up a ball .
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I am a baseliner, i try and hit every shot as hard as can and pray it lands somewhere in the court, however i don't hit the ball particularly hard, i try but can't. Can not volley to save my life, if i come to net it's usually for a really short ball and even then i let it bounce before hitting it.

Best shot: Backhand down the line, especially form the retun of serve.

Worst shot: My serve, Horrible technique, no pace what so ever, tried changing my technique but got back and shoulder pains. It's really flat and hardly bounces away form the hitting zone.
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I'm a baseline player

I have a two handed backhand

My best shot is my backhand and my worst is my service (it can be perfect sometimes but generaly, it's awful!!)

Yes, I think I'm a power player, I hit the ball very hard but I like to finish points at the net with a high volley, and I like be in the middle of the court and put a ball on the lest, another on the right,...

I think for putting a ball in the left and then in the right, I'm like Monica Seles. For hitting the ball hard I would say Kim and Jelena and for the volley Kim

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I'm right handed one handed forehand 2 handed backhand

My best shot i'd say is my crosscourt backhand cos i can hit it with a LOT of power but also get good angles,i'm also developing a loopy shot with it which is proving affective.

My worst shot is probably my serve because its very inconsistant sometimes it can be good but mainly bad i serve something like 45% 1st serve usually

My net game is getting good although i don't really volley i just drive the ball into the ground forehand.My backhand is more of a drive volley


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I´m kinda allround I think.
Best shots= forehand and first serve (if it´s on)
Weak shots=volleys (but I´m learning)

I can hit winners of both sides but usually go for the forehand if it´s possible.
I´m working on my consistency, and I have to be more patient. I usually want to finish the points too quickly.

I´m more of a baseliner, but if there´s a possibility, i´ll go to the net, but since my volleys aren´t that good, I prefer to stay back.

My first serve is quite good, at least, the boys in my group always say: "For a girl you can serve pretty fast!" hehe

But I sometimes have days that i just cannot hit ONE good ball, that´s really frustrating!


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i play one-handed both sides, and tend to stay at the baseline and wait for the mistake.

I hit with heavy topspin on the forehand, and slice on the backhand, though I can hit topspin moonballs from the backhand side.

I always spin the serve in, preferring to slice it wide to the deuce court and kick it out wide in the ad court. i get a lot of serves in and rarely double-fault, but there's not much pace.

best shot - topspin forehand up the line, from the backhand side
worst shot - forehand volley, especially the high volley

hate playing serve volleyers as they cause me to rush my shots: i hate being under pressure on the return of serve.
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I don't know what to say about me!!!

I play one or two-handed backhand and one or two-handed forehand. I have a decent first serve and a second serve that makes Martina's look like Venus-bombshells. I think my strongpoint is my groundstrokes and my major weakness is volleying...i stay as far away from the net as possible (that's a rule for me).

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I have been playing 2-3 times a week lately and I am very aware of my strengths and weaknesses now more than ever!

Two-handed backhand...will attempt one-handed backhand on occassion with odd resluts. This is my weakest shot.

I like to use power in my game..I don't rely on it. My volley is good and improving as we have been focusing on it in training.

My best shot is my forehand. It has pace and it surprise me sometimes...I like it to Capriati's but definitly not as hard....

I chase down everything and I love fighting for every making angles...
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I play left-handed, and with one hand on both sides. The way I play depends on the surface. I mainly do serve-and-volley when I am playing on hardcourts, grass or carpet. When I play on clay though, I usually junkball and drop shot. I hit the ball pretty flat.... I am probably one of the few who still uses the contintental forehand. My best shot is by far my volley (off both the forehand and backhand sides), I also have an effective lefty kick serve. I also have pretty solid drop shots, and my down-the-line backhand shot is usually pretty effective. The worst part of my game is probably lobs and smashes... my lobs either go too low, or too far... and my smashes usually go into the net or right to the opponent.... but I'm working on it.
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Wow QUEEN VEE! Your'e scouting report is just like Patty Schnyder's scouting report! The main difference between you and Patty is that you actually like Anna Kournikova!

Me? A two handed BH, a spin serve, good volley's (when they go in!) and a good BH dropshot. But like the Russian players, I wilt in oppresive heat!
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