Is nationality a 'valid' reason to like a player ? -
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Is nationality a 'valid' reason to like a player ?

Not really, in my opinion.

I think in most cases the game style and oncourt mentality should decide which player appeals to you. The nationality (and other non-Tennis-reasons) doesn't play a part in that.

Of course there are exceptions. If you have the same nationality like a player, you may know more about him/her out of the press, TV etc. So you may have more factors to like him/her or not.
Or you could think that the success of the fellow player supports tennis in your country, so you could be happy about his/her wins.

But I don't think the nationality can make you 'love' the player when the game-style and the (oncourt-) personality doesn't appeal to you.
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I don't think so either - I don't really support any British players cos I can never see them on TV. I suppose I'm a glory support (especially now Jen's #1)

It's such an individual sport that nationality really only counts for something during the Fed Cup.

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I'm an Aussie, and we don't really have many top line player, but I do like Hewitt. But not because he is Australian, because of the player he is.
But saying that, I do have something that draws me to the Spanish players, not all of them, but quite a few.
My favourite men's players are Carlos Moya and JC Ferrero so......
I guess I really love all the European players.
So I guess Continent may be my Valid reason to like players.
Daniela from Slovakia, Federer from Switzerland.
But I guess there is a big majority of the tour players from europe so it's hard not to have a favourite from there.

Simon V
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Well, I think the nationality is quite important for many people, at least in this board (you only have to see how belgians, spaniards etc support their players )

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The problem I find with Nationality players is that it brings an unnecessary bias with it, I have seen it on the board so many time, because this player (insert the country) they will win. People don't say this but that is the general feeling I get when reading messages. I support players because I like them as people, nothing more, nothing less.

But nationality in football is a different matter!...Nobody will come close to beating England...just bias coming in!
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I don't think once has to have a "valid" reason to support a player. Support is support - who cares about the reason?

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I don't give a rat's ass about nationality (or race or sexual preference either. blah. it's all so TIRED!) It's all about play style and or aura/personality. Daniela is wonderfully composed and serene. Martina is so graceful, vibrant and creative and has a great smile and every shot in the book. Jennifer is such a spirited fighter. Sandrine is such a sweet lady. Justine is so fiery and I love her backhand. Daja is always there for the next shot and has great feel. These are the things that matter. Not nationality or other "categories"
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What is a "valid" reason to like a player? I am a bit tired of those who think they have superior reasons or knowledge of tennis just because their favourites are not from their home countries.

There is nothing "valid" or not "valid" about liking someone.

People cheer for people they can relate to, to players they like as role models or simply because they think they are hot. I say, as long as you are respectful, good for you. Support people of your same race, ideology, hair color or sexuality. I am certainly not going to be there shaking my head as if I had more "valid" feelings than they did.

You can consider yourself a "true tennis fan" GoDominique. I know how much some people here like to call themselves just that. I will be cheering for the Spanish players meanwhile.

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Gallofa, I have no doubt that you are a good fan.

The question is: Is the emphasis on 'tennis-fan' or 'fan of your country' ?
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I like Spanish players for the most part because of their longer rallies and on court presence. Sometimes they need to be a little bit more aggressive but are great players. I hope you don't think I am saying that others are not allowed to have their own reasons for liking a certain player. I just meant that for me nationality, race, sexual orientation, hair color, booby size, muscularity, height play no role. Now if I guy player has a cute body, face or package or buns I *might* , might root for him but they all wear such baggy ass clothing that it usually doesn't matter. Hehe. Besides tennis players tend to be to skinny for me. I like muscles not the lean look. Typical American I guess but when I lived in France and Germany I thought the guys were very very handsome but often TOO slender. I like guys that are trim but not FRAIL looking. Anyway off the subject severely. (Hence I have NO IDEA what is appealing in the least about JCF or Hewitt's bodies. I just like their games.)
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What Bea said. Like the hair color one Go Sarah Pitkowski!!

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It seems like I'm the living proof that nationality has nothing to do with having a fav. For me it is too easy just to like a player because he has the same nationality. In the end neither the player nor me has done anything to have this nationality (with certain exceptions). For me it is more important to like the character of a player (at least the character we think a player has) and the style of play and the behaviour on and off court.
But on this board a lot of posters cheer for players of the same nation and sorry to say that even more important of the same race... I don't want to judge that, because if I may borrow some words from Venus: "Everyone's entitled to his own opinion..."
(Sorry if the quotation is not correct).

Monica announced her official retirement on February 14, 2008. What a sad day! I'm proud to be a Selestial and I admire Monica for her fighting spirit and her character.
The tennis world has lost one of the greatest players of all time! Have a wonderful post-tennis life!

Arantxa, you will always be in my heart. Thanks for all the great matches you gave us and for just being a wonderful person on and off court.
All the best for your future!
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For me the Russian girls come first I've had the pleasure of meeting quite a few players and they do tend to end on my list.

but my list of favs runs upto around 1000 so I got alot of favs but only about 20 in top 100.

Good luck to my favs


MINELLA TsurenkoAlize Lim*El Tabakh*Robson*Cirstea
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GoDominique, I think anyone who cares enough to log into the Internet, search for a tennis board, and actively participate in it, can be safely consider a big tennis fan.

Personally, I think every single poster in this board is a true tennis fan, we sometimes get a bit carried away and lose sight, but on the whole, anyone in here knows and cares more about tennis than half of the people that work for the WTA or the ITF.

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What I think is most important is that, even when you mostly cheer for fellow countrymen or good-looking players or whatever, you are still able to appreciate good performances or intelligent games of players which doesn't fit in one of the 'non-tennis'-categories, so you can maybe add them to your other favourites.
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