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Cool Tennis analyst Carillo serves some aces (c/p)

I thought I would give some love to Mary. She seems to be a very dividing figure on this board! it is from the Toronto Star (April 4 2005) ()c/p)
I know it doesn't inclue references to WTA but it is still fun. Enjoy!


Tennis analyst Carillo serves some aces
She's one of TV's best in the booth


Of all the professional talkers hired by all those networks to act as sports analysts, very few actually do much in the way of analysis.

And considering that television is supposedly about entertainment, even fewer manage to do any entertaining.

Usually all you get is information that Jones came to play, Team A looks strong tonight and insights that basically amount to saying that the side with the most points will probably win.

Then there are the standouts, like tennis analyst Mary Carillo, who proved once again yesterday that she ranks with golf guy Johnny Miller as the best in the TV game.

Carillo not only tells viewers what they can't see, and not much more than that, she actually enhances the broadcast with both insight and humour.

Instead of stating the obvious, as too many do, Carillo speaks generally only when she has something to say. Several times during yesterday's NASDAQ Open men's final, Carillo was silent as the points piled up.

Though saying nothing may not seem like a talent, to viewers who would rather hear the smack of ball against racquet instead of platitudes it's a rare blessing.

Of course, it's what Carillo says that sets her apart.

With young Spanish hotshot Rafael Nadal chasing top seed Roger Federer all over the court, she noted that the favourite was "missing from everywhere. It's hard to make Roger Federer look like that."

But although she was obviously impressed with the flamboyant Spaniard, she admitted that Federer was contributing to Nadal's early success.

"It's hard enough playing the tough teenaged lefty without having to get out of your own way," she said.

She told a great story about how Nadal played a match with a seriously sore ankle because he had already defaulted twice to his opponent. After beating him, Nadal pulled out of the tournament.

But Carillo's real strength is her sense of humour, which tends to cut through the meaningless hype to which we've sadly become accustomed.

When a frustrated Federer tossed his racquet, she joked, "The winner of the Stefan Edberg Sportsmanship Award, no less." As Nadal faltered down the stretch, announcer Bill Macatee offered that Nadal needed to turn things around, prompting Carillo to reply, "It seems what Rafael Nadal needs right now is a nap."

Carillo might have been a bit enamoured of Nadal at times, but who could blame her? Here was a guy who was all fire and fist pumps in stark contrast to Federer, an entertainer in a world of automatons.

Maybe she liked him so much because he's a lot like her.
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i love Mary. she calls it like she sees it -- for everyone.

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She's my fav US commentator
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I think she's tough on everyone. She's my 2nd favorite behind Tracy Austin who is more than fair to everyone.

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I never realised until I watched it a second time, but Mary had a little cameo in the film, Wimbledon as the tv anchor!
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I like her much better than Pam, Mary Jo & Tracy Austin. She is a much better analyst & is able to commentate both men's & women's tennis equally well.
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I usually like her, but I thought she was very harsh on Serena during the AO and fawned all over Maria, unnecessarily so. She criticized Serena from head to toe, on her game and her off court activities when Serena was cruising in the early rounds. However, when Maria was struggling against the likes of Lindsay Lee Waters, you'd think Maria was the second coming, walking on water on the court. I, along with many others complained about this to ESPN. I don't know what good it did, but at least I got it off my chest to the proper audience. Anyway, I just wanted to add my comment that I used to think she was fair and objective, but after that, I don't know.
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I like Mary a lot, but she can be hard on players. Have you heard her bit on Fernando Gonzales?

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Originally Posted by dab2035
I like Mary a lot, but she can be hard on players. Have you heard her bit on Fernando Gonzales?
Gonzalez is technically an aweful player. His technique is non existant, just whatever hits it hardest on that shot. He doesn't think about where the ball is going at all, just, "how hard can I hit this?" That's painfully annoying as an avid tennis fan, especially when he wins against people who are actually thinking out there and who actually use the same swing for the same shot.

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I have a feeling Hingis would be a great US commentator if she knew English better. She always seems to be searching for words and expressions, and she often chooses the wrong ones, but I couldn't commentate half as well as she in any other language, so...

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I read this on the paper today and I laughed when I read the caption of Roger Federer's photo. I can't remember it verbatim, but it was something along the lines of "Carillo called Federer the winner of a fictitious Stefan Edberg Sportsmanship Award. Fictitious?
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I love Mary. But I'm unsure if I love her as much as lizchris.
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Is this the same Mary who never even gave Nadal a chance in the semis. She said (after he was already in the final and she was commentating the Agassi/Federer match) that Nadal did not stand a chance and did not have "the game" to beat either of them. I love Federer but just to prove her wrong I wouldn't have been too disappointed if he had lost. Then for the entire time in the first 3 sets, until the tiebreak, guess what? She was all on the Nadal bandwagon. At that time I willed Federer to win........and if I remember correctly it was about this time when Roger started to play his natural game that she became quiet. What else could she many of her other colleagues she had been made to eat her words and she felf like a fool. In my opinion thats why she was quiet....out of pure shame. To me Federer has become like a few other top players before him (and by a few I mean a few...we all know them) who the commentators cant wait on to lose. They may pretend they are enjoying them winning, but you can secretly hear that they prefer the opponent to win. I dont know about non-American commentators, but the US ones are all for the select few Americans (Agassi, Roddick and Capriati........not even Lindsay is really cheered by them) and that is why I find it hard to like these players. I like and respect their game but cant really cheer for 2 cents worth.
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Seems better than Mary Jo Fernandez..

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Originally Posted by Duiz™
Seems better than Mary Jo Fernandez..
Right,Fernandez can't even enunciate clearly.She seems to speak with a lisp and doesn't have much of an intelligent or even funny commentary.You wonder what moron hired her.
Carrillo at least is smart and humorous,though she has spells of non-sense talking where she becomes a pain in the neck because it distracts from the actual court event.She is naturally garrulous.

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