Venus and Serena power levels explained. -
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Venus and Serena power levels explained.

Raditz Saga
Chiaotzu: 145
Farmer: 5
Gohan: 710
- really angry: 1,130
Goku: 400
- with heavy clothes: 330
- Kamehameha: 1,100
Krillin: 250
Master Roshi: 160
Piccolo: 400
- with heavy clothes: 330
- Beam Canon: 1,330
- Special Beam Canon: 1,440
Raditz: 1,200
Tien: 250
Turtle: 0.001
Yamcha: 170

Saiyan Saga
Chiaotzu: 1,150
Gohan: 1,100
- Angry: 2,000
- Masenko: 3,000
- Healed: 5,000
Goku: 5,000
- charged up: 10,000
- Kaio-Ken: 15,000
- Kaio-Ken x2: 20,000
- Kaio-Ken x3: 25,000
- Kaio-Ken x4 + Kamehameha: 40,000
- Spirit Bomb: 200,000
Krillin: 1,100
- Blast: 2,000
- Divided Blast: 1,400
- Destructo Disc: 1,500
- Healed: 3,000
- Spirit Bomb: 30,000
Nappa: 4,000
Piccolo: 1,400
Saibamen: 1,200
Tien: 1,250
- Blast: 3,700
Vegeta: 18,000
- Galit Gun: 28,000
- Oozaru: 180,000
Yajirobe: 900
Yamcha: 1,250
- Energy Ball: 1,300

Frieza Saga
Gohan: 3,000
- Hiding true power: 1,500
- Masenko: 20,000
- After Guru charge: 20,000
- After Dende Heal: 75,000
Krillin: 2,000
- Hiding true power: 1,500
- After Guru's help: 25,000
- After Dende Heal: 65,000
Dodoria: 20,000
Zarbon: 23,000
- Transformed: 30,000
Vegeta: 24,000
- After Zarbon Fight: 32,000
- After Recoome Fight: 120,000
- After Krillin's Attack: 500,000
Guldo: 15,000
Recoome: 65,000
Goku: 15,000
- Hiding true power: 5,000
- After gravity training: 180,000
- After Ginyu fight: 1,000,000
- Kaio-Ken x10: 4,000,000
- Kaio-Ken x20: 8,000,000
- Spirit Bomb: 10,000,000
- Super Saiyan: 15,000,000
Nail: 45,000
- After fusion with Piccolo: 800,000
Burter: 50,000
Jeice: 50,000
Captain Ginyu: 120,000
- In Goku's Body: 23, 000
- In Frog's Body: 0.00012
- In Bulma's Body: 4
Dende: 10
Guru: 140,000
Piccolo: 200,000
- After fusion with Nail: 800,000
- After Dende Heal: 1,500,000
Frieza: 200,000
- Form 2: 1,000,000
- Form 3: 1,500,000
- Final Form: 2,000,000
- 50% of Max.: 5,000,000
- 100%: 12,000,000

Garlic Jr Saga
Garlic Jr: 500,000
- transformed: 1,400,000
Gohan: 140,000
- really angry: 500,000
Goku: 20,000,000
Kami: 30,000
Krillin: 125,000
Piccolo: 1,000,000
Vegeta: 4,000,000

Android Saga
King Cold: 13,000,000
Frieza Bot: 12,500,000
Trunks: 500,000
- Super Saiyan: 17,000,000
Super Saiyan Goku: 20,000,000
- Healed: 25,000,000
Piccolo: 8,000,000
- after fusion with Kami: 40,000,000
Gohan: 1,000,000
Android 16: 40,000,000
Android 17: 35,000,000
Android 18: 35,000,000
Android 19: 10,000,000
Android 20: 5,000,000
Cell: 35,000,000
- after absorbing humans: 45,000,000
- after absorbing Android 17: 65,000,000
Vegeta: 10,000,000
Super Saiyan Vegeta: 60,000,000
- after room of spirit and time: 80,000,000
Perfect Cell: 125,000,000

Cell Saga
Super Saiyan Trunks: 110,000,000
Super Saiyan Vegeta: 105,000,000
Super Saiyan Gohan: 120,000,000
- SS2: 300,000,000
Super Saiyan Goku: 130,000,000
Piccolo: 75,000,000
Cell: 75,000,000
Perfect Cell: 125,000,000

Majin Buu Saga
Super Saiyan Goku: 360,000,000
- SS3: 450,000,000
Super Saiyan Gohan: 275,000,000
Mystical Gohan: 450,000,000
Super Saiyan Vegeta: 350,000,000
Majin Vegeta: 360,000,000
Chibi Trunks: 35,000,000
- Super Saiyan: 95,000,000
Goten: 30,000,000
- Super Saiyan: 90,000,000
Android 18: 60,000,000
Piccolo: 180,000,000
Majin Buu: 450,000,000
- As a Kid: 500,000,000
- When Fat: 380,000,000
Gotenks: 250,000,000
- Super Saiyan: 300,000,000
- SS3: 425,000,000
Vegetto: 600,000,000

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Originally Posted by LolaB
"If i play 5 % better ...."

"I played 9000 notches below my level"

"I was playing at 20 %"

where do these sisters come up with numbers like these ?

Regular Saiyan - All full-blooded Saiyans share several common features: All are born with the hairstyle they keep through out life all are very strong and muscular and they all have a tail. The tail is a weakness for weaker Saiyans, as any pressure applied to it is temporally paralyzing, but Saiyans who have strengthened their tail, are not affected at all by this. The tail is also necessary for the transformation to the Oozaru state. Also all Saiyans have a strong love to fight, which can stometimes be a weakness.

Oozaru - When any Saiyan with a tail is exposed to the light of a full moon, this sets off a chain reaction from a gland in their tails and causes them to transform into a giant ape (Oozaru is Japanese for "Big Monkey"). This causes the Saiyan's power to be multiplied by 10. With training, this form can be controlled but Goku and Gohan were never trained this way so they went out of control and destroyed all in their way.

Giji (False) Super Saiyan - This is a mid point between a Saiyan's regular from, and Super Saiyan. Goku reached this form in DBZ Movie #4, when he was really mad at Lord Slug. This is where the Saiyan can almost become a Super Saiya-Jin, but is lacking one or two things.

Super Saiyan - Going Super Saiyan gives the saiyan a huge power boost along with golden hair and green eyes. The first person we see reach SSJ in the series is Goku when fighting Frieza. The transformation is triggered when someone of pure heart (Good or Bad) experiences extreme emotion, this takes over and allows the change. With training, afterwards the transformation is controlled and happens at will.

Super Saiyan 2nd Grade - This form is a much more powerful version of Super Saiyan, however, like USSJ, there is a slight muscle mass increase, which reduces speed. This is the form Vegeta uses for the fight with Cell, as the speed decrease is not as much as USSJ but also not as much of a strength increase. We also see Goku in this form when he is training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber with Gohan.

Super Saiyan 3rd Grade - More commonly known as Ultra Super Saiyan, this is a midpoint between SSJ and SSJ2. At this stage a Saiyan's muscle mass dramatically increases, but they take a big hit in their speed. Goku demonstrated this to Gohan, during the Cell Game Saga inside the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Vegeta also noticed this disadvantage during his training. Trunks however failed to spot this, and this led to his defeat by the weaker, but much faster Cell.

Super Saiyan Full Power - During the training time before the Cell Games , Goku comes up with an idea. He wanted himself and Gohan to try and remain as Super Saiyans for as long as they could, and so get their bodies used to the form. The result is that the Saiyan can stay in the form for long periods of time with little or no effort. It is mastery of the Super Saiyan form.

Super Saiyan 2 - This stage is very similar to SSJ (in appearence), the only differences being lightning bolts that surround the Saiyan and having slightly longer and stiffer hair. In this form power and speed are both increased over SSJ. This form was first achieved by Gohan whilst battling Cell, and is too triggered by extreme emotion.

Super Saiyan 3 - This form is the strongest of all Saiyan forms in the manga. Only Goku and the fused body of Gotenks can handle it. It is characterized by very long, full hair and the Saiyan's eyebrows disappearing. Goku achieves this form whilst training in Heaven in between the Cell and Buu Sagas. This forms increases power and speed even more, but also uses a lot of power, so it cannot be maintained for very long.

Mystic Saiyan - This form is achieved by Gohan after his power up from Old Kai. During this state his power is fully maximized. So much so that he does not need to ever go Super Saiyan to increase his power. It looks exactly the same as his normal state, as you can see from the picture. If the Old Kai had finished the power up Gohan would have been stronger than SSJ3 Goku, but he never finishes because he is too lazy.

Golden Oozaru - This is very similar to the regular Oozaru form except the fur is golden not brown. It is also of course much stronger. To reach this stage a Saiyan must have a tail and receive more waves than usual from the moon. Once the Saiyan controls the massive power of this from, they transform into Super Saiyan 4.

Super Saiyan 4 - This is a form that causes some controversy, since it doesn't appear in the manga some people say that it isn't a true form, but I am going to agree with the common consensus and say it is. In this form the hair stays black and becomes long, but shorter than SSJ3 and red fur covers most of the upper body, the eyes turn yellow with red outlines and red eyelids. Goku is the only true person to reach this form, but Bulma creates a device that allows Vegeta to reach it as well.

Legendary Super Saiyan - Alot of people would say that the Legendary Super Saiyan is Goku because he reaches all the known levels. On the other hand Alot of people would say its Broly because he was born with such a high power level and reached Super Saiyan in a whole nother way. FUNimation claims the true Legendary Super Saiyan is Broly but beyond that there is no "secret" in the series that lets us know for sure its just something we will all have do decide on ourselves.

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