Asa Svensson says goodbye to professional tennis (confirmed by her already) -
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Unhappy Asa Svensson says goodbye to professional tennis (confirmed by her already)

Åsa Svensson will be coaching Johanna Larsson, Nadja Roma, Michaela Johansson, Sousan Massi & Mari Andersson. She's now working for Swedish Tennis Federation. Seems she won't be playing any pro tournaments again. Still will get hopefully a confirmation from her tomorrow or at least from Swedish Tennis Fed... might only play some little events but still seems things won't be the same

edited: confirmation in a post made by me in the bottom. By her

I have been a fan not since much time ago. I remember following Amelia Island 2000 and seeing how defending runner-up Dragomir-Ilie would lose to someone called "Asa Carlsson" 4-6 6-4 7-5. and me like . Then giving scores of her match in Antwerp against Sonya Jeyaseelan, were she barely won. Madrid quarterfinals after beating very easily Maureen drake and losing to Zuluaga in QF. And Roland Garros, when she beat Iva Majoli 7-6 1-6 6-1, me wanting Iva to win, and 3-6 6-4 7-5 over Testud, me wanting Testud to win, but losing to Pierce 6-2 6-1.

Then it would come Wimbledon, first time I could see her on t.v. losing to Serena Williams 6-3 6-2 with an eternal deuce game in the very first game of the match. Svensson fighting every point but Serena just too good.

I remember a sad and VERY easy loss to Rubin 6-2 6-2 in US Open and then I would create a website for her. The moronic SWEDISH STUPID TENNIS PEOPLE NOT LETTING HER PLAY OLYMPICS Ranked 32

A great Filderstadt that year beating Farina & Serna and reaching the second round were I believe "Jorn" would post a livescore thread named "Dominique vs. Asa C - scores" I remember getting mad on why not put simply "Dominique vs. Asa - scores" Asa was up 3-0 and point for 4-0 but lost 6-3 6-1.

The sadness of not been able to win again Kuala Lumpur and losing in r2 to Nagyova that year... and next week losing sadly to Cho in Pattaya.

2001 and her very long losing streak that would end in Palm Beach Gardens challenger losing to Nagyova again. Then qualifying for WTA events and losing in 3 sets in main draws to Likhovtseva & Schett. A second round in Roland Garros losing to Schett again in 3 sets. And remember my tears after her loss to Sfar in r1 of WImbledon 6-7 6-3 6-4.

A semifinal in Palermo losing to Medina, the Fed Cup perfect record that year giving Sweden a spot in World Group. Qualifier in New Haven playing great tennis. And a good US Open, me coming back from school only to see that she was losing to Shaughnessy, only following 5 minutes of the match as I had to return quick before recess would end. Match would end 6-7 3-6.. followed by a retirement in doubles, her first retirement in ANY match she had played in WTA.

My wake ups at 4am to follow Asa in the indoor events, her win over Cara Black 6-4 3-6 6-4 so tough! but then her loss to Sucha 6-0 6-1. Her hard fought loses to Hantuchova next.

Getting her e-mail in 2002 and she answering so sweet as always

The change from Carlsson to Svensson

Her nice Australian Open, her win over Conchita Martinez, her almost comeback against Martina Sucha in the third round.

One of my happiest days of my life, May 5th, my birthday, waking up at 6am to follow the Bol Croatian Ladies Open final, Svensson vs. Majoli. Her last singles title, Svensson won 6-3 4-6 6-1. The perfect birthday gift.

Her injury at Rome Her r2 exit in Roland Garros

The so GREAT tie of Sweden vs. Switzerland, finishing with a exciting doubles match with Sofia Arvidsson and making Sweden to stay again in world group for Fed Cup. Her sad QF loss in Helsinki And a terrible end of the year losing lot of r1's and getting only 2 wins.

2003, her bad start of season but her win over Diaz-Oliva in Bogota. A doubles title in Bogota .. my madness on her r1 loss to Muller in Acapulco, but the comfort of seeing her winning in my country, LOIT/SVENSSON Acapulco 2003 champions her loss to Callens after missing so much opportunities... her good Miami , her injury against Craybas, the acquiles thing...

Her comeback in november her bad draws her title in Nottingham with Helena Ejeson

2004 start, her sickness and not playing Auckland singles her great Sydney her loss to Rubin in 3 tight sets in Aussie Open. The third set in t.v. the fabulous fighter & her lovely backhand.

Her indoor USA season, her Memphis and Midland doubles titles Her QF in St. Paul her injuries back her bad Miami & Estoril

Her comeback again some good results Her Fr loss in Darmstadt $25,000 her SO SAD exit in Stockholm & US Open and the next is history...

Asa will probably do great in her new career now as a coach and helping new Swedish hopes, she's a nice lady and always a real pro player. Wish you the best Asa, I'm sure you'll succeed as always and

So strange now without my all time faves, Schultz-McCarthy, Gavaldon, J. Fernandez, Huber, Coetzer now Asa. Maybe soon Monica... Schett... Even though Arvidsson & Nooni are good they don't have that extra spice that Asa had maybe Maria W can help. Anyways, hope to confirm this news tomorrow but seems very confirmed anyways.

Winner (2 WTA): 2002 - Bol; 1999 - Kuala Lumpur; 1995 - ITF/Stockholm-SWE; 1992 - ITF/Helsinki-FIN; 1991 - ITF/Ljusdals-SWE.
Finalist (2): 1995 - Houston; 1994 - Prague.
Semifinalist (5): 2001 - Palermo; 1997 - Rosmalen; 1996 - Essen; 1995 - Bournemouth; 1994 - Houston.


Winner (7 WTA): 2004-ITF/Midland w/Arvidsson, Memphis w/Tu; 2003-Bogota w/Srebotnik, Acapulco w/Loit, ITF/Nottingham w/Ejeson; 2001 - Casablanca w/Bacheva, Pattaya w/Tulyaganova;
2000 - Hannover w/Zvereva; 1999 - ITF/Dubai w/Courtois, ITF/Bordeaux w/Loit, ITF/Poitiers w/Loit, Pattaya w/Loit; 1992 - ITF/Helsinki w/Vallin
Finalist (9): 2002 - Gold Coast w/Oremans, Amelia Island w/Salerni; 2001 - Dubai w/Habsudova; 2000 - Paris Indoors w/Loit, Sopot w/Grande; 1999 - Palermo w/Jeyaseelan; 1998 - Sopot w/Noorlander, Istanbul w/Labat; 1994 - Linz w/Schneider.


Quarterfinalist (3): 2004 - US Open (w/Bjorkman); 2002 - Wimbledon (w/Landsberg); 2000 - US Open (w/Kulti).

High career ranking in singles and doubles #28

Best win over ranked player, #11 Testud at RG 2000.

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I'm so sorry Alek

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Really sad that it seems she will retire, I would have liked her to continue longer of course, but this seems like a good job, and I think it shows that the Swedish Tennis Federation must have a lot of belief in Asa in order to put her in this job of helping out future Swedish girls to have some of the success Asa has experienced through the years

I have some nice memories of Asa through the years and I will definitely miss her! It is too bad that she had to deal with so much injuries at the end of her career, but I think she has a lot to look forward to in the future with her new career and also more time to relax and enjoy marriage

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But he loves you."

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asa i will miss her

Go Lindsay Lee-Waters!

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bye Asa, good luck

sorry Alek

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I remember following that Bol match with you

Le Poussin! Faithfully ignoring the haters since 1995.

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I think Rossana is following in her footsteps- i know how you feel Alek

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Asa is such a talent...good luck to her in all she does

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Asa sad way to go

wish her well in her new job
hope to see her again with a Swedish whizkid on tour sometime

Good luck to my favs


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Asa I'm glad you'll be staying with tennis, even though you are finishing your tennis career. I too have followed Asa, indirectly, through a friend and it is sad that you are not going to be playing again. Im sure you will have great happiness, and all the best for the future.


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It`s very sad to hear this news Alx, but a proffesional athlete carreer ends before we are about to enjoy them. I was also proud to get the last 4 years of Sabatini, same as you. I had no internet then and we kind of never get this results that early, i remmember i always had to wait for the next day to get newspaper with scores and updated rankings LOL. But back to this topic you must be really proud of a good player who gave her best effort and was successful on what she did, she was really talented was great in doubles too. It`s tough after your fave retires, i mean at least on my case i have found no player beside Gaby to motivate me to do a lot of things. I still have my tapes and the memories and the satisfaction of having followed someone who made my life happy and that never dissapointed me.
:cry: Asa Good Luck in this new step in your life!

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Straight Seasons in the top ten: Sabatini 10 Conchita 6
Seasons in the top 5: Sabatini 6 Conchita 5
Straight seasons in the top 5: Sabatini 6 Conchita 4
Tier II and above titles
Sabatini 24 Martinez 17
Record at the Masters
Sabatini has 2 titles 2 Runner up and 3 SF
Martinez has 0 titles, 0 RU, and 0 Sf
Record against the best players
Sabatini 40% Martinez 21%
Head to Head
Sabatini leads 9-6 over Martinez
FWTT Hard 111(111 + ny)Carpet 104(104 + ny)Clay 107(107 + 4) Grass 100(100 ny)
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Goodbye Asa


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Asa never really recovered after the injury in 2003. Seemed like she was back on form after Sydney and Aussie Open but went downhill again. Last match losing in straights to Maria Fernanda Alves

Good Luck in Future
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you'll be missed Asa
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