Could anyone explain how Daniela can hit the ball so hard? -
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Could anyone explain how Daniela can hit the ball so hard?

While I was watching her match against Hingis, I couldn't understand how such a thin player can hit the ball so hard!
Is it arm-acceleration?Low-tension string?Babolat rackets?
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She's 18 and fearless; let's see how she does when the expectations to win are suddenly upon her. And I don't mean that as a putdown, but pressure overwhelms a lot of players.
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I think she just has a lot of power in her arms.
she's been working out a lot.........


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The 'Open Stance'.

It's the same reason Venus Williams hits the ball so hard. Neither have much in the way of muscle mass in their arms and shoulders. But they both have VERY long legs and use the open-stance to hit. It generates a lot of power, but you get a lot of errors too. If you saw the match at OZ, the similarity in how Venus hits and how Daniela hits went from the ridiculous to the sublime was rather pronounced.
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Talking The Skinny Power players..

Meghan Shaughnessy is even skinner, and hits the ball harder.

I guess I'll go along with what everyone else will say... it's "technique".
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Power is derived from raquet head speed and the degree to which you either hit through the ball (flat stokes) or come over the ball topspin doesn't matter how tall you are ,within reason, if your raquet speed is fast (and you hit through the ball)then you will produce power, though not necessarily accuracy and consistency....players like rios or Aggassi will almost always hit with as much pace off the ground as much taller opponents cos they use their incredible hand eye coordination to swing very fast without the usual amount of errors that should go along with increased speed.
Why taller players tend to hit harder than shorter players is because assuming they must contact the ball at the same point in time as a shorter player their raquet has to be travelling faster
(same principle as the slingshot) .If you draw 2 concentric circles with the same centre and take a radius from the center through both circles assume that the radius to small circle represents a shorter arm r and the radius (along the same line) to the outer cicle R represents a longer arm ....for that whole line to move in an arc the distance travelled by the a point on the outer circle is always greater than a point on the inner cirlce in the same time hence faster angular velocity.......sorry to be tedious ,don't know how else to explain it .. . in short if Venus Daniela Lindsay want to hit the ball at the same point in time with thesame amount of backswing and the same amount of hitting through the ball as shorter players their raquet will have to be travelling faster .
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Monica at 5'4" and exactly 100 lbs hit the ball nearly as hard as Steffi at RG89. It can be done.
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you mean monica was so tiny in 89???

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I have the match on tape. Steffi looked absolutely HUGE compared to her. By the 1990 RG, she had grown to 5'8".
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I agree with brian, being tall is a big advantage, the longer your arms the greater the speed the racquet head can reach. It's the whip effect. If you swing a long whip the far end actually cracks because it breaks the sound barrier!

In addition height above ground helps to hit a stronger serve too since you cn get better angles. Again, even though Daniela looks thin, she is probably quite strong, since her height will disguise her muscle more.

Raw strength will also increase your hitting power, which is why people like Monica and Kim have power shots.

Finally technique, good muscle co-ordination and wrist snap add to effectiveness.


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then y not martina?

Well then why can't martina do that? Why doesn't she juss change her techniques to be like venus or hantuchova. I say she should juss do it from time to time, like when she needs to. Whats the harm? She isn't going to win anywaz with her old passive style.

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martina hingis!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I would've thought that weight transfer (body torque) would play a roll too. Also tall players have a larger strike zone.
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i like the explanation about the 'open stance.'

i'm losing my favourite game...
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It's not just height. DH was right about Monica-who until her stabbing was a tiny little thing that belted the hell out of the ball.
Hingis COULD hit the ball harder if she chose to, and look at the speed Justine Henin generates off her backhand. Of course the men's #1 is no giant hulk either-Hewitt is a small dude.
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Are you trying to say that Hewitt hits the ball hard despite his size or that he is not #1 even though he is not a power player?

Actually Lleyton can whack the ball pretty hard but mostly doesn't and wins most of his points because he is so fast that it's hard to keep up with him. Once he seizes control of the point with his foot speed he is getting to your shot faster and faster and therefore his shots which are well placed are getting harder to get too until he hits the winner. He hits a lot of winners that are still 5 feet from the lines because of his ability to take the ball so early. Still if the ball sits up for him he can zing it decently but his shots are nowhere as hard or heavy as Safin's, Sampras or even Agassi's for example. Lleyton is also incredibly able to neutralize power.

Which brings up a related question. How is Lleyton or Martina or say Chrissy Evert in her time able to neutralize extremely powerful shots and make so many of their defensive shots land over and over just inches from the lines? Pete Sampras hits probably one of the hardest, heaviest forehands in the history tennis when he really winds up his swing and goes for it. He used tha shot to overpower even Safin at times but REPEATEDLY in the semis he hit that shot soooooo hard at Hewitt and to my astonishment Lleyton seems to have the exact perfect swing and spin to loop that shot back at Sampras and have it land on the baseline. This he did at least 7 times that I counted and never missed one of those shots and never did they land less than 6 inches from the baseline. Sampras then lost six out of seven of those rallies.

Can someone explain to me how these players can neutralize such shots and still control them? I've seen Hingis and Henman do this with slice. Rita Grande was also placing her slices incredibly well off of Jennifer's incredibly hard hit groundstrokes. Everyone is always in awes of these power shots but I honestly sometimes cannot believe some of these incredible defensive gets. At first one could say it's a fluke but they seem to be able to do it over and over. HOW???
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