Dokic vs Henin... Who would win........;Why? -
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Post Dokic vs Henin... Who would win........;Why?

This is sort of a spin off of Volcana's post. Most people thought that Jelena or Justine would be most likely to drop out of the top ten. I checked the ITF player database and it stated that these players have never played. <br />My question is, if these two players were to play who would win, and why? You can use past results against other players to validate your argument.

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Dokic's determination will get her over the line.

She's really starting to bloom while Henin seemed to be going backward.

The mental difference between these 2 will be a deciding factor.

Jelena is becoming increasingly at ease with facing slice and she has become very consistent and patient with her strokes.

This question was put up in Linz, where they were drawn to meet in the semi-final. Henin lost to Tulyaganova, so they didn't meet but Dokic bagelled Iroda in the 3rd set to make it thru to the final.

I think Dokic really relishes playing the kids her own age, like Clijsters, Henin and Dementieva and I think she'd be determined not to lose.

It'd be close, going to 3.

Dokic in 3

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Wow, there are so many variables that could change the outcome of this match....I think Justine would win 6 times out of 10, so I would go with her just because of big match experience.

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I go Henin on this one.

Pace: Both hit hard.

Serve: Different but about even in effectiveness.

Justine is way faster.

And even on days when you're not striking the ball well, speed gives you easier shots to hit.

Injuries aside, I think Justine will ALWAYS be ranked ahead of Jelena.

Speed kills.

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Very tough call, I think they'll always be evenly matched even in their head to head record - Henin is more talented, but Dokic is mentally tougher.

Earlier in the year I would have gone for Henin, and I do agree with Volcana that she will always be ranked higher than Dokic. However, something about Dokic's wins over Kim Clijsters and Amelie Mauresmo this year makes me think that I severely underestimate what she'll achieve in the future.
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Henin would win, she has the variety to break Dokic's one-dimensinal game.
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I would Henin the slight edge at the moment. Both have good games, serves are about even, both can strike the ball well. As pointed out though, I think Justine's speed would come in handy, and more importantly she has a good finesse game, which can really keep her opponents guessing. It would depend on the circumstances, Henin could pull it out in 2 sets if she was executing her variety well. If it went to 3 sets though, I'd probably favour Dokic because Henin seems to let down a bit when she starts to lose, and Dokic continusously pounds the ball deep which in a 3 setter may eventually tire out Henin.

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Yipes! Is that Sabine Appelmans in that photo Josh?

Back to the Q: both are tough cookies so it's always going to be close but i give Justine a slight edge over Jelena in terms of variety of shots.

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I am sure everyone will be surprised but, I think Justine would win 8 out of 10 matches <img src="wink.gif" border="0">

Jelena is determined, I don't doubt that, but determination isn't everything. As somebody said, her game is too unidimensional, I think the match against Martina at the US Open was a clear example, Jelena was playing well, making few errors and hitting the lines, but not doing much more and that simply wasn't enough. When Martina got used and started to return everything, Jelena just tried to hit harder and harder.

It's true that Jelena won 2 tier 1s and 1 tier 2 while Justine won 3 tier 3s, but the fact is that Jelena seems unable to play the top players. Justine has either beaten them (Capriati, Venus) or had very close matches.

Game wise, Justine can vary her game, can play at the net, from the baseline, backhand, forehand, server and volley, slice, topspin and more important, she does have a powerful weapon in her backhand, most top players avoid her backhand side like the plague. Jelena is consistent and determined, but doesn't have a big weapon.
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Actually, not all top players avoid her backhand side.

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i dont think its fair fingon to use one or use SELECTIVE examples to create an image of Jelena.

Justine is great ,she has more talent , more flair , more speed than jelena.....BUT , Jelena is just as good because of her drive , tenacity , solidness and her game once fully ripe will be more consistent than the flashy Henin IMO.

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Jelena does have a very solid game, but when she gets caught in her one dimensional game, she runs into trouble.

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I like Jelena better than Justine, but I would give Justine the edge too. She has more options in her game then Jelena. If Jelena can develop more options and they were equal then I think she would win. As of now the difference in Justine beating the top players and Jelena is Justine's ability to change up her game. When I watch Justine play she always tries through a whole match to change the momentum by trying different things. Jelena seems to keep doing the same thing whether she's winning or losing. She can't be content to just sit at the baseline and outhit her opponent. She has to add more things to her game. Right now she doesn't have enough to beat 2 or 3 top players in a row.

When your small like Justine you have to make up with it for something. She makes up for it with her speed. Plus she has a sweet backhand. Not everyone avoids it though. I've seen power hitters go right at her backhand. Sometimes she can get a good shot off, but sometimes she doesn't have enough time to set up. But she gets away with it against most people.

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Justine vs. Dokic...hmmm....

This one is a toughie. I was able to watch both at the USO this year and was impressed by their games...less so with Jelena's, but she stepped her game up a level at the end of the season. I think that right now they are relatively evenly matched and it would come down to a matter of surfaces. On hard courts (Justine's worst surface by far) and carpet, I would definately give the edge to Jelena. Her hard-hit, flat, deep balls will not give Justine the chance to use her greater variety of shots effectively. But on the other two surfaces I'd give Jelena an edge. On clay she has much more time to execute her wide range of shots and her spins gain more potency. On grass, her superior ability to approach the net and her slice backhand give her the tools to frustrate Jelena.

I can't wait to see this match up in 2002 though!

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Jelena of course!!!!!!
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