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Lightbulb Betting Going On Ova/In Here

Okay, all bets are on for you to pick - who you think or feel, will be the winner of, The Pacific Life Open WTA final match up, that is scheduled to be played, between Martina H. & Daniela H, on 3/16/02.

Martina = Player A
Daniela = Player B

Please place your bets here. Your knowledge of women's tennis, and how and why you came up w/your deductions are on the line. There will be no point spreads, in other words - no need to declare - how many sets it will take for your pick to win - and/or what the final score will be. Just pick player A or B.

In other words - if you've got tennis knowledge moxie - then just place a straight out bet - on which you think will win. This thread is for people that are willing to put their tennis awareness, knowledge and savvy ness on the line. Reasons for your pick are not required, since, most people have already explained how and why, they came up w/their deductions, declarations and picks - on another thread.

There will be no turning back now - for your picks will be duly noted and recorded. No ifs, buts, how’s, whys and why nots, and for sures - required.

There will be but one small cost to any poster/picker that loses their bet.

The payoff cost for losing bet, will be:

Said poster that lost bet - will have to call out a poster's name, that they have had problems w/in the past or present, a poster that the loser doesn't like or gets along with, a poster that said loser, never felt they would interact with or a poster that always seems to rub said loser the wrong way, because of how they praise their fave, or for any other reason, etc..... If I lose - I will say something nice to someone that I have never interacted with, for instance.

Said loser, will have to say something genuinely nice to the poster, whose name, said loser chooses. Said loser, will have to say something nice about the poster or something nice about, the poster's fave or faves.

I will, or someone else, can Talley up all losers and winners – in order to track, who picked who, and what losers will have to pay up. Said loser has to say something nice to a certain poster – and not a entire group of posters. I.e., all Martina fans, for example.

Hopefully, this will all be done in fun, and done to show that not all posters are intolerant of each other.

All bets must be in thirty minutes before the start of the match. Danke.

My bet = Player B.

EDIT: Forgot to post accompaning article: Perusal may affect your final bet.

Hantuchova beats Gagliardi to reach first title match

Hantuchova file
Born: April 4, 1983
Hometown: Bratislava, Slovakia
Height: 5-11
Weight: 123 pounds
Career earnings: $317,000
Of note: She speaks three languages, Slovak, English and German.

By Patti Myers
The Desert Sun
March 15th, 2002

INDIAN WELLS -- The Daniela Hantuchova train keeps rolling.

Her quick ride to recognition began at the Australian Open in January, when she lost to Venus Williams in three sets. That was her breakthrough match.

Now Hantuchova finds herself in the biggest match of her career -- the final of the Pacific Life Open. She reached the championship match with a 4-6, 6-0, 6-4 victory against Sweden’s Emmanuelle Gagliardi on Thursday at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden.

Hantuchova will play Martina Hingis in the final. Hingis beat Monica Seles in straight sets Thursday night.

It’s been quite a ride for Hantuchova, an 18-year-old Slovakian who will be making her first appearance in a championship match. It may be unfamiliar territory, but it’s a place Hantuchova said she belongs.

"I can’t ask for more,’’ said Hantuchova, who began the year ranked 38th but will crack the top 20 after this tournament. "It’s so exciting for me, to be first time in the final and playing one of the best players in the world, in a major tournament like this. I’m enjoying every minute.’’

What a ride it’s been.

The 18th seed drew a first-round bye, then beat Tatiana Poutcheck (ranked 81st) in her first match, 6-2, 6-2. Hantuchova took No. 16 Barbara Schett to three sets, but pulled out a 5-7, 6-3, 6-1 victory. In the fourth round, she disposed of Wimbledon finalist and third seed Justine Henin, 6-2, 6-2 before her quarterfinal victory against 21st-ranked Lisa Raymond, 6-4, 6-2.

Hantuchova said she realized she had a chance to get to the final after beating those higher-ranked players. She also says it doesn’t matter who is on the other side of the court.

"I’m just concentrating on my game,’’ she said. "She (Lisa Raymond) got much more experience than me. But I knew I had a big chance after beating Justine (Henin). So, I was focusing on every single point.’’

Hantuchova didn’t change her tactics against Gagliardi. She covered the court well and held serve to gain a 5-4 lead in the third set. Then she broke Gagliardi to win the match. During the second set, Hantuchova stayed steady and overwhelmed Gagliardi with her baseline game.

Although she said she was not hitting the ball as well Thursday as she was in previous matches, she grabbed momentum in the second set with a 6-0 victory.

"I put her under more pressure,’’ Hantuchova said of 70th-ranked Gagliardi. "I was a little nervous at the beginning. There was a little bit of pressure because I knew I have a big chance to win this match today, and I was playing a player that is ranked much lower than me."

Hantuchova was not overconfident, either.

"Even though I’m playing really good this week, every match is different,’’ Hantuchova said. "Especially first time semifinal in a major. For me, it was very tough, especially mentally. But I’m very glad I got through that match.’’

Gagliardi said the match turned the second set, when Hantuchova got the 6-0 victory, but she added that Hantuchova seemed to gain more confidence in the third set.

"I think I give her the confidence to make two winning shots on my serve,’’ Gagliardi said. "From love-30, it was still a fight, but she just got a bit more confident."


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Sounds kinda cool.

My bet: Player A - Martina Hingis.

Do I have to give the name of the poster I'll be nice to? Or not till after the match?
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Smile After Time Runs Out.

Hey Saki. After the time runs out for your pick. Have a good one.

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Thumbs up I'm Sticking W/Player B

Saki - it appears no one wants to participate in this game, but u & i. So - I'll just say to you right now - that if your fave wins - then IMO - she and Venus, have performed very well this year. And IMO - they have the best rivalry in women's tennis. There are other good rivalries - but theirs is the best. And Martina is the keenest competitor on the tour, w/Venus right up against her heels.

All of the top ten and twenty players are so competitive. Matter-of-fact, Martina, was the forerunner in her intent and efforts to compete out of this world, every time she graces the courts. And because of that - is why she won five slams before she was twenty years old.

To all Martina fans, sorry, I said she had only won four slams. Where have I been - right? I will correct my post under the “Locker Room Confrontation” thread - directly. I’ve already updated it to reflect that, she has won two titles this year instead of the one – I had posted.

Martina’s spirit of competing, is one of the main reasons, many other players push themselves to play and compete as well as they can, to include Venus. The word “Excellence” in any endeavor one undertakes – is the adjective they should all aspire to achieve, IMO – and Martina has surely proven this theory.

Subsequently, let the games begin.

I’m still picking – Daniela.

It's Her Arrival as a Rival
Tennis: Hantuchova is in her first final and could be a handful for Hingis today at Indian Wells.


INDIAN WELLS -- Nigel Sears has coached elite players and his experience enables him to recognize the signs of an impending breakthrough. Just before the tournament here, he had a chat with his young protege, Daniela Hantuchova of Slovakia.

Her near misses--three-set losses against Venus Williams, Jennifer Capriati, Justine Henin and Lindsay Davenport--were the first sign. The second was her willingness to work hard.

Sears recalls, "I said to her one evening, 'Look, you're working great in practice. I don't know when you're going to break through and I know you're going to break through. I can't tell you whether it's going to be next week, or Miami or Amelia Island or Charleston.' She looked at me and said, 'This week, please.'" Asked and answered.

"She really means it," Sears said. "She wants it now and is not the type to say, 'One day.' She's not a one-day dreamer."

Hantuchova, 18, will be playing in her first WTA final today against second-seeded Martina Hingis of Switzerland in the Pacific Life Open at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden. She is the second-lowest-ranked player, at No. 26, to reach the final. Australian Jenny Byrne, then ranked 64th, lost in the 1989 Indian Wells final.

Hingis, champion here in 1998, is three years older than Hantuchova and has won 40 titles. She was only 14 when she reached her first final, at Hamburg on clay in 1995, losing, 6-1, 6-0, to Conchita Martinez of Spain.

"I got killed. I don't remember the scores," Hingis said, laughing. "Also in Rome, I played her too. Gee, that was my second [final]. I always had to play her. As long as she could, [Martinez] gave the youngsters a pretty good lesson."

Hingis hasn't done poorly in that department, either. After losing her No. 1 ranking late last year, she began 2002 in peak physical condition, having taken an enforced rest after tearing ligaments in her right ankle in October.

She started the year by winning at Sydney and losing to Capriati in the Australian Open final after holding four match points. Since then, Hingis has won at Tokyo and reached the semifinals at Scottsdale, Ariz., has not dropped a set here in five matches and has remained in the spotlight with her romance with Spanish golf pro Sergio Garcia.

For Hingis, Indian Wells represented an opportunity to regain some confidence and ranking points in the absence of Venus and Serena Williams, Capriati and Davenport. She will move back to No. 3 on Monday.

"It kind of levels it down a little bit that the top players weren't here," Hingis said. "So I felt like, 'Well, this is an open draw for me.' Kim [Clijsters] was injured coming into the tournament, so I'm pretty much the favorite. So I just try to take my chance and take advantage.... Nobody here, so go for it."

Hantuchova held the same philosophy. Her side of the draw opened after Clijsters had lost early, and she overcame a mental block by finally beating a top player, Henin, in the third round.

"She's always aspired to be in a big arena," Sears said. "She's dreamed of being a big star. She's not interested in the small tournaments. She has that mentality."

Before they started working together, Sears asked Hantuchova to identify her ultimate goal in tennis.

"She said, 'No. 1,' just like that," Sears said. "And that was good. She thinks big and I respect that."



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Hey, I'm game (although I sometimes have a problem with paying up [evil grin] ) Anyway , I'm going with player A (not because I am a fan or anything) , but I am a tennis fan and a realist to boot--- history is definitely on her side and I can't she her being upstaged by a newbie...

While I appreciate elation, I think some of player B's fans need to settle down to earth. Of course she has done excellent thus far in this tournament, but the competition is NOT packing up to go home anytime soon... As always this is just my humble opinion :P

Love Trumps Hate
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Talking I Won This Bet

Two easy sets by Martina - huh..........................................?

Well - I'm not really one to say - I told you so - but......................... I also stated that Daniela would win in two sets.

I got tired of Pam bringing up the fact that Daniela's nerves may do her in. IMO - that young lady can hold on to her nerves of steel. I had forgotten about the fact that Daniela took Venus to three sets at the OZ Open this year - cause I kept bringing up last year's Wimby tourney - when she did it.

Again - like I stated yesterday - she keeps her opponents off guard something awful - for they do not always know where she is gonna blast it.

It didn't take Martina long to realize it was - "Goodnight" Martina.

Gonnnnnnnnnnee - Daniela w/your badd self. Take that $332,000.00 and high tail it - out of Dodge!

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Shoot me!! Here I was rooting for Hingisova and she plays like she is afraid

Love Trumps Hate
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Thumbs up Daniela Is Taking Home - No Prisoners

Infiniti2001, why were you rooting for Martina "I'll Never Practice W/That Upstart Again", Hingis, anyway?

I tried to tell y'all. It just made tooooooooo much sense to me, that Daniela would win - because she is a tall power player - and she gots game - and she gots shots - and she has nerve - and she has determination. What other ingriedients is needed to beat a Martina Hingis? I mean - Martina is a smart player like the commentators, others and we all will attest to - but when playing the power players - smarts don't always get the job done alone, nor feed the baby.

One of the points of tennis as a returner - is to take a serve and turn it in to an offensive shot - rather than stay on the defensive, and Daniela knew just how to do that. And she did it. Thank You very much - Martina.

There is no doubt in my mind that Daniela may very well beat Venus one day. Of course, I hope not - but I am a realist - and that child got it going on - longgggggggggggggggg.

Infiniti2001 - you don't have to pay up. Just enjoy.


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Infiniti2001, why were you rooting for Martina "I'll Never Practice W/That Upstart Again", Hingis, anyway?
I'm just not one who jumps on the bandwagon of every new player who comes along...

Infiniti2001 - you don't have to pay up. Just enjoy.

Thank you, thank you <sigh>

Love Trumps Hate
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