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Red face Top 100 WTA Fan's Favorites AND Least Liked

Hey all

Although I am a member here, I mainly post on MTF. There, I started the threads "Top 100 Fan's Favorites" and "Top 100 Fan's Least Liked / Most Hated Players". They were very successfull and even had their own spin-off: "Top 100 Fan's Favorites of all times". Now, in my opinion, it is time to move these threads to WTAworld too. I think it might be handier to combine both threads in one thread. So, if you want to participate, please mention your ten (this is the maximum, a smaller number will do too) favourite WTA players AND your 10 least favourite or most hated WTA players. Please do mention carefully which category the lists belong to.

This, for you fans, is the time to be satanic towards some of those players on the Tour (and I know how a lot of you, me included , like to moan, shout and whine ).

If you want to participate in this vote, then please make sure that you obey these guidelines:

- Please only name active and female players. If a player is no longer active on the Tour, she will not be included in the list. A player that is not active due to, for instance, injuries, however, can of course be included. If it is doubtful whether a player is still active or not, you can mention his name.

- You can mention a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 10 names (the latter is highly appreciated by me, as it will make making up a top 100 easier).

- The points system works as follows: the player you dislike or hate most, or the player you like least, will be given 10 points. The number two on your list will receive nine points, and so on.

- If there are multiple well-known players on the Tour, please don't just mention the surname, but also the first name. On the ATP Tour, Martin can, for instance, mean Todd Martin, but also Alberto Martín. Solely naming a surname can cause serious confusion here

- Only mention one player per spot. If you cannot decide, just flip a coin

- Participating in this vote is possible in two ways:
--> 1. Submit your list to this thread. If you want to change something in your list, please submit a new post stating that your earlier vote has changed.
--> 2. Send me a private message with your list.

- If you want to, you can clarify why you voted for certain players. This is the ultimate time to vent your spleen!

OK That is it! Enjoy voting, everyone!


P.S.: This thread is also posted on Results will be posted on both sites.
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Finally this thread is here

Top 100 Fan's Favorites

1. Mauresmo
2. Henin- Hardenne
3. Pierce
4. Kournikova
5. Myskina
6. Sharapova
7. Dokic
8. Hantuchova
9. Grzybowska * or Zvonareva
10. Hrdlickova * or Schiavone

Top 100 Fan's Least Liked / Most Hated Players

1. Petrova
2. Likhotseva
3. Dementieva
4. Kim Clijsters
5. Krasnorutskaya
6. S.Williams
7. Pistolesi
8. Pisnik
9. Grande
10. Panova

*They played French and German leagur last year. If i can't chose them i chose Vera and Francesca

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Wojtek wow i never knew Date was playing tennis in 04
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I'll kick off!

Favourite players:

1. Paola Suarez
2. Rita Grande
3. Eleni Daniilidou
4. Ludmilla Cervanova
5. Elena Dementieva
6. Katarina Srebotnik
7. Virginia Ruano Pascual
8. Tina Krizan
9. Tamarine Tanasugarn
10. Kveta Hrdlickova

With an honourable mention for: Eva Dyrberg, Catherine Barclay, Zuzana Ondraskova, Nathalie Dechy, Barbara Schett.

Least liked players:

1. Venus Williams
2. Serena Williams
3. Monica Seles
4. Henrieta Nagyova
5. Maria Sharapova
6. Raymond, Lisa
7. Daniela Hantuchova
8. Patricia Wartusch

It really is impossible to fill all places here.
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1. Mauresmo
2. Henin- Hardenne
3. Pierce
4. Kournikova
5. Grzybowska
6. Sharapova
7. Dokic
8. Date
9. Myskina
10. Hrdlickova
Wojtek, Date is not playing And, this thread is for both Least Liked AND Favorites, so please post two lists and state the category the list belongs to (check my post).
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Top Rated Favorites (in order):
Serena Williams (The Supreme Goddess of Power Tennis)
Venus Williams (Classiest Tennis Player EVER!)
Martina Navratilova (The Queen of All Tennis!)
Lindsay Davenport (The Nicest Player on Tour)
Monica Seles (GO LEFTY!)
Kim Clijsters (Another Great Player, who's nice as well)
Anna Kournikova (Come on, do I really have to say why?)
Jennifer Capriati (All American Girl, helped Venus in '01 and Serena in '02 make America become the supreme Grand Slam Champion, by the way, that US streak of Grand Slams, between three players is 11, from the '00 Wimbledon to '03 French)
Chanda Rubin (From Louisiana)
Maria Sharapova (So Much Enthusiasm, and her grunt ROX!)

Least Liked (in order)
Jelena Dokic (Awful, conteptuous person)
Elena Dementieva (Rude and jestful)
Anastasia Myskina (Pretty mean to other players)
Ai Sugiyama (Too Prideful)
Emilie Loit (Serena called her a Bitch, so she's automatically on my dislike list! Hahahahaha!)
Laura Granville (Rude to Lindsay)
Vera Zvonareva (Rude to Venus! BIG NO-NO!)
Patty Schyder (Rude to Serena BIGGER NO-NO!)
Meghann Shaughnessy (Rude to Venus! BIG NO-NO!)
Justine Henin-Hardenne (least of all the player that I dislike, only because of the hand incident, but I really do feel sorry for her becasue her mom died, and when she had match point at the US Open, she called her mom's name before she hit that amazing inside out crosscourt forehand! Great Shot, good player, I'm sure she's a nice person, but sometimes her tactics are a LITTLE UNDERHANDED)
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I have to say you got some nerve coming out as a hater in your first post
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1. Molik
2. Wloderszak
3. Stosur
4. Seles
5. Strycova
6. Camerin
7. Kapros
8. Pratt
9. Ruano Pascual
10. Mandula

Least Liked:

1. Bovina
2. Casanova
3. Granville
4. Raymond
5. Stubbs
6. Henin-Hardenne
7. S.Williams
8. Nagyova
9. Medina Garrigues
10. Rubin

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Hi CooCooCachoo
Glad this thread has made it here finally, but ordering them will be so hard for me!

Most favourite:

1. Serena Williams
2. Venus Williams
3. Tian Tian Sun
4. Tamarine Tanasugarn
5. Jie Zheng
6. Mary Pierce
7. Elena Bovina
8. Chanda Rubin
9. Klara Koukalova
10. Barbora Strycova

Least favourite:

1. Jelena Dokic
2. Elena Dementieva
3. Justine Henin
4. Anna Kournikova (is she active? if not, just bump everyone else up)
5. Jennifer Capriati
6. Tatiana Panova
7. Conchita Martinez
8. Anastasia Myskina
9. Magui Serna
10. Anna Pistolesi

Edit: cant believe I left Klara off my fave list!

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1) Martina Hinigs
2) Kim Clijsters
3) Monica Seles
4) Lindsay Davenport
5) Anna Kournikova
6) Mary Pierce
6) Su-Wei Hsieh
7) Sonya Jeyaseelan
8) Tatiana Golovin
9) Maria Sharapova
10) Steffi Graf
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Top 10 favs (u guessed it )
1-Lina Krasnoroutskaya
2-Elena Dementieva
3-Vera Douchevina
4-Anastasia Myskina
5-Nadya Petrova
6-Dinara Safina
7-Maria Sharapova
8-Elena Bovina
9-Maria Kirilenko
10-Svetlana Kuznetsova

1-Sandra Kleinova
2-Anna Smashnova
3-Francesca Schiavone
4-Alexandra Stevenson
5-Venus Williams
6-Serena Williams
7-Monica Seles
8-Meghann Shaughnessy
9-Amy Frazier
10-Nicole Pratt

Good luck to my favs


MINELLA TsurenkoAlize Lim*El Tabakh*Robson*Cirstea
*Bellis*Soylu*Sibille*Uberalova*Eden Silva*

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1.Maggie Maleeva
2.Kim Clijsters
3.Ai Sugiyama
5.Justine Henin
1.Serena Williams
2.Patty Schnyder
3.Jelena Dokic
4.Jennifer Capriati
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1. Henin-Hardenne
2. Mauresmo
3. Davenport
4. Schnyder
5. Petrova
6. Kuznetsova
7. Daniilidou
8. Harkleroad
9. Molik
10. Sharapova

Least Favorites:
1. Clijsters
2. Serena Williams
3. Venus Williams
4. Dokic
5. Serna
6. Pratt
7. Chladkova
8. Nagyova (so much talent, so wasted)
9. Smashnova-Pistolesi
10. Capriati
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Most favorite:

Steffi Graf is my all time 1#, but as she is retired...

1. Dinara Safina
2. Monica Seles
3. Barbara Schett
4. Elena Bovina
5. Tatiana Golovin
6. Vera Zvonareva
7. Lindsay Davenport
8. Nadia Petrova
9. Patty Schnyder
10. Barbora Strycova

Least Favorite:

1. Justine H-H
2. Conchita Martinez
3. Maggie Maleeva
4. Anna Smashnova-Pistolesi
5. Daniela Hantuchova
6. Francesca Schiavone
7. Henrieta Nagyova

Vera Zvonareva, Anastacia Myskina

Ana Ivanovic, Tatiana Golovin, Kim Clijsters, Dinara Safina

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1. Justine Henin-Hardenne
2. Cara Black
3. Nadia Petrova
4. Maja Matevzic
5. Eleni Daniilidou
6. Patty Schnyder
7. Ai Sugiyama
8. Svetlana Kuznetsova
9. Maria Kirilenko
10. Dinara Safina

Shit List:
1. Serena Williams
2. Venus Williams
3. Jelena Dokic
4. Alexandra Stevenson
5. Kim Clijsters
6. Francesca Schiavone
7. Daniela Hantuchova
8. Jennifer Capriati
9. Andy Rodduck
10. Maria Sharapova

Good Luck In 2005:
[Martina Hingis] [Justine Henin-Hardenne]
[Cara Black] [Nadia Petrova] [Eugenia Linetskaya] [Patty Schnyder]
[Svetlana Kuznetsova] [Ai Sugiyama] [Su-Wei Hsieh] [Gisela Dulko]

[Maja Matezvic] [Karolina Sprem] [Eleni Daniilidou] [Maria Kirilenko] [Jelena Jankovic]
[Tathiana Garbin] [Timea Bacsinszky] [Kaia Kanepi] [Na Li] [Vera Douchevina]

The Pompous Member Of The Justine Philistines' Society™
Martian 4 Life
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