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Race - The Game | #6 - Antwerp/Memphis/Hyderabad

Race - The Game04


The "Race" is a year-long competition to see who is best at picking WTA tour event winners.
Like the tour, the "Race" continues right up to the WTA finals.
Come and join "Race the Game"

Hot to Enter:
Pick two women for each event.
One pick MUST be 8th seed or unseeded
if you pick a seeded player, please post her seed # behind her Name
just post your picks here in this thread
you can edit your picks til deadline as often you want

you get points if you picked the Winner or the Runner up at a Tournament
Grand Slams: maximum 100 points - but never reached so far
Tier I: Winner 10 - Runner up 5
Tier II: Winner 8 - Runner up 4
Tier III: Winner 6 - Runner up 3
Tier IV: Winner 4 - Runner up 2
Tier V: Winner 2 - Runner up 1

"Late Entry" Rule:
each player can make a "Late Entry" 3 times per year.
"late entry - Deadline" is 24 hours after regular Deadline!!!
no "late entries" at Grand Slams

"Late Entries":

2 x Frau Antje
2 x geewhiz

1 x J.Capriati.Fan
1 x Je_ne_sais_quoi
1 x pan
1 x tuna
1 x Wazza
1 x Freefall
1 x ~\/enus ~
1 x Shedevil
1 x GoDominique


Tier II ---> Winner 8 points - Runner up 4 points

Henin Hardenne(1) - Bye
Chladkova vs. Gagliardi
Black vs. Serna
Sprem vs. Smashnova Pistolesi(7)
Schnyder(5) - Bye
LL vs. Q
Callens vs. Loit
Sanchez-Lorenzo vs. Farina Elia(8)
Schiavone(6) vs. Q
Safina vs. Barna
Pisnik vs. Mandula
Demeintieva(4) - Bye
Maleeva(9) vs. Pierce
Q vs. Danillidou
Q vs. E Clijsters
Clijsters(2) - Bye

Tier III ---> Winner 6 points - Runner up 3 points

1 Zvonareva v. BYE
Pennetta v. Garbin
Q v. Dulko
Talaja v. 5 Harkleroad

3 Sharapova v. Martinez-Granados
Q v. Grande
Jidkova v. Stosur
Q v. 6 Frazier

7 Brandi v. wc Gullickson
Perry v. Svensson
Snyder v. Salerni
wc Bielik v. 4 Granville

8 Morigami v. Lee-Waters
Jankovic v. Sucha
Arvidsson v. Q
BYE v. 2 Raymond

Tier IV ---> Winner 4 points - Runner up 2 points

(1) Saori Obata v Yuka Yoshida
Maria Kirilenko v Q
Q v Angelique Widjaja
Anastassia Rodionova v (7) Maria Elena Camerin

(3) Tamarine Tanasugarn v Evgenia Kulikovskaya
Tian Tian Sun v Q
Tatiana Poutchek v Ruxandra Dragomir Ilie
Yulia Beygelzimer v (6) Jie Zheng

(5) Jelena Kostanic v Isha Lakhani
Vera Douchevina v Anna-Lena Groenefeld
Julia Schruff v Adriana Serra-Zanetti
Sania Mirza v (4) Nicole Pratt

(8) Lubomira Kurhajcova v Antonella Serra-Zanetti
Mervana Jugic-Salkic v Zi Yan
Galina Fokina v Andreea Vanc
Q v (2) Marion Bartoli

Deadline:Monday 16th February 11pm CET!!!

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all entered players got points
just Rtale didn´t picked Clijsters, but she picked Pierce
12 points = Clijsters+Pierce
8 points = Clijsters
4 points = Pierce

jist 12
JonBcn 12
ZAK 12
ghosts 12
kerbear 12
SerialKiller#69 12
spec7er 12
Nicoleke 12
pan 12
caramel 12
raquel 12
Elisse 12
kfh 9118 12

Athenaeum 8
oren987 8
Happy Guy 8
Topher950 8
~\/enus~ 8
J.Capriati.Fan 8
Lady 8
Tweety 8
KoOlMaNsTeVeN 8
geewhiz 8
Frau Antje 8
Naldo 8
i_love_chanda 8
Mikey 8
Rollo 8
Buitenzorg 8
Nica 8
SpikeyAidanm 8
croat 8
petosp 8
Myskina Lina 8
brickhousesupporter 8
LucasArg 8
b8beEbLu3 8
go hingis 8
faboozadoo15 8
GoDominique 8
kimclijsters4ever 8
tuna 8

44.)Rtael 4

winner of the week: with all this points we no real winner this week
loser of the week: all players who didn´t enter

1.(1.) geewhiz 97
2.(3.) JonBcn 94
3.(2.) J.Capriati Fan 93
3.(4.) ZAK 93
3.(4.) raquel 93
6.(6.) Rollo 88
7.(8) Nicoleke 87
8.(7.) Tweety 84
9.(8.) Lady 83
10.(12.) pan 77

11.(10.) Shedevil 74
11.(11.) i_love_chanda 74
11.(15.) SerialKiller#69 74
14.(12.) Rtael 69
14.(16.) GoDominique 69
16.(21.) kfh_9118 68
17.(18.) Frau Antje 67
18.(19.) ASV 66
18.(19.) tuna 66
20.(12.) shap_half 65

21.(21.) petosp 64
22.(17.) saki 60
23.(24..) oren987 59
~\/enus~ 58
24.(25.) Athenaeum 58
26.(27.) Buitenzorg 56
26.(27.) go hingis 56
26.(27.) Naldo 56
29.(30.) kimclijsters4ever 55
29.(23.) köj-è: 55

31.(31.) brickhousesupporter 54
32.(32..) MyskinaLina 53
33.(34.) ghosts 52
34.(32.) Gryffindor80 45
34.(39.) jist 45
36.(37..) SpikeyAidanm 44
37.(38..) LucasArg 43
38.(40.) Elisse 42
39.(34.) suemovie 40
40.(40.) Topher950 38
40.(40.) Mikey 38

42.(36.) Zhao 37
43.(43.) Happy Guy 30
43.(45.) caramel 30
45.(45.) faboozadoo15 26
46.(43.) Wazza 22
47.(45.) Freefall 18
48.(new) spec7er 12
48.(new) kerbear 12

50.(48.) Nir 10
51.(new) b8beEbLu3 8
51.(new) croat 8
51.(new) Nica 8
51.(new) KoOlMaNsTeVeN 8

55.(49.) Tomas11 6
55.(49.) james84 6
55.(49.) BK4ever 6
58.(52.) crazillo 3
58.(52.) henenport 3
58.(52.) MonicaSelesFan2 3
61.(55.) silent140 2
61.(55.) esquimaux 2

if you think your points are wrong, or i did a mistake please tell me and we will work it out together

Meine Posts spiegeln allein meine Meinung wieder und erheben nicht den Anspruch repräsentativ zu sein.

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Antwerp: Henin-Hardenne and Maleeva
Memphis: Sharapova and Svensson
Hyderabad: Obata and Douchevina

Venus Kvitova
Halep Rybarikova

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Clijsters, Safina
Zvonareva, Grande
Tanasugarn, Douchevina



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alanis m.

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don´t know why the rankings coming up so bold

Meine Posts spiegeln allein meine Meinung wieder und erheben nicht den Anspruch repräsentativ zu sein.
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Pierce (honestly, does anyone think it won't be a Justine/Kim final?)

Sharapova (3)

Obata (1)

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Henin Hardenne, Farina Elia


Raymond, Morigami


Saori Obata, Angelique Widjaja

2013 Here we go

good luck to all the Israeli girls

Shahar, Its time to have a good year
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Antwerp : Henin-Hardenne and Pierce

Memphis : Sharapova and Gullickson (had a hard time with the second pick there)

Hyderabad: Tanasugarn and Douchevina

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Antwerp-Henin, Pierce
Memphis-Talaja, Raymond
Hyderabad-Douchevina, Tanasugarn

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Antwerp: Henin-Hardenne (1), Barna
Memphis: Sharapova (3), Jankovic
Hyderabad: Bartoli (2), Kirilenko

Jelena Dokic.Vera Zvonareva.Tatiana Golovin.Mary Pierce.Monica Seles.Martina Hingis.Anna Kournikova

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(1)Henin-Hardenne & Safina

(1)Zvonareva & Jankovic

(1)Obata & Douchevina

Queen Vee

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My #1 in tennis
>> Tsvetana Pironkova <<

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(1) Justine Henin-Hardenne -&- Dinara Safina

(3) Maria Sharapova -&- Jelena Jankovic

(3) Tamarine Tanasugarn -&- Vera Douchevina
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Antwerp: Henin-Hardenne(1)+Pierce
Memphis: Sharapova(3)+Gullickson(WC)
Hyderabad: Obata(1)+Douchevina

Tatiana Golovin, Timea Bacsinzky, Petra Kvitova, Kristina Mladenovic, Laura Robson
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Justine Hénin - Hardenne and Mary Pierce


Maria Sharapova and Jelena Jankovic


Tamarine Tanasugarn and Vera Douchevina

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