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Question Capriati's obscenities

Was Capriati fined for the obscene and abusive language she screetched at the chair at the Australian Open?

Hingis was given a warning for throwing a raquet (something almost common place among so many high profile players these days) and yet Capriati can scream the "f" word three times in the face of the chair audibly and demand a line judge be removed and she doesn't even get a warning. And the line judge's call was correct per the replay and the commentators!!

This hype about Capriati is sickening. Yes, she plays power tennis, but so do other players who act dignified and under control on the court.

I don't consider her the sportswoman of the year or "America's sweetheart" in the least. So she smoked some weed and got caught...and now she still plays tennis. So what? Is that some great heroic rise from the ashes? I don't think so.

Enough already! Other players that are just as formidable and impressive have overcome greater odds and actual troubles to perform in the top ranked group.

And they're not out on the court constantly grimacing, complaining and whining, yelling cuss words and trying to intimidate judges and more respectable players.

If a ball from an opponent even comes close to a line, and she happens to miss it, off she goes glaring or yelling at the chair. What a wimp!

Meanwhile, players like Venus Williams and Martina Hingis can have really obvious bad calls against them and just stay focused and deal with it.

I really hope this bogus "love affair" with Capriati and the media comes to an end.

Her "great comeback from troubled times" was being raised in overprivileged Boca, and getting caught partying with her friends. Her "great sportsmanship" consists of yelling and whining when things don't go her way and then putting on some little girl whisper in her interviews after cussing out every judge on the court like a psycho truckdriver.
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Wow, strong words there, Trudy.

I'd be ducking and covering right about now. Expecting some hard and fast replies to this one.
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And I think its a little late.

We've covered all of this before already.
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Junior Member, 1st post ever......... How Convenient.........

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Well i know that Trudy is not the only one of this board that feels that way, she's just brave enough to actually say what she thinks.
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You're late. Slow. And we're bored of this already.

Actually. Jen swore yes, and Martina smacked her raquet against the net. Both of which would normally get a warning.

BUT both went unpunished. Due to the heat and stress these players were playing under I think it was a good idea.

FURTHER raquet smacking was warned against because it was repetitive.

As for the rest of your post, I'm not even going to dignify it with a response.

and where they produce desolation, they call it peace
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All the prissy personalities and their tiresome threads *sigh*
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Hey Trudy how paying attention and how bout this for obsenities, you are an ignorant &^%$#@^&%$# and us Capriati fans don't give a damn what crappy things you have to say about her.

If you don't like her fine just don't insult the rest of us who like her just the way she is.
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Hey there Trudy. Welcome to the board. Just because it is your first post does not mean you dont have a valid point. I used to be a Jen fan but yes i agree with most of your post.

"I probably respect Monica more than any other player out there. Not only as a player, but also as a good friend, and an amazing person. I was so happy to see her play well last week, and then score some big upsets here this week. But I was also very happy to close it out in two sets, because as we've seen these past few weeks, Monica never gives up." - Lindsay Davenport after defeating Monica Seles to win the Classic title

"He's the franchise" Tie Domi about CUJO
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Give Jen Cap A break !!

I wish Venus was like that....

VENUS and SERENA 4 ever
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Trudy, you have a right to your opinion but try not to be too harsh . I think Jen gets away with so much than any other top player on the tour, which is a disservice to her. Getting a pass with that type of behaviour only encourages it. With that being said, the top is a new place for her. I think in due time she will straighten up.
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I like Venus the way she is....
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Some people really need to pick it out of their ass and move on with their own lives....

"Trudy" is no exception
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I totally 100% agree with you Trudy... I'm so glad there's finally somebody else on this board that totally thinks the same way I do... right after the Aussie Open i brought up the same points you did and like you, mostly everybody freaked out!! Glad to read your post Trudy!!

Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret. - Ambrose Bierce

There is no saint without a past, and no sinner without a future. - Shri Haidakhan Babaji

Wisdom is the quality that keeps you from getting into situations where you need it. - Doug Larson

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. - Aristotle
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Go Jennifer!You rule 4ever!
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