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Re: S1 - 17: Proximus Diamond Games, Antwerp (II)

Myskina: Being biatch is advantage in tennis

Q:Hi, Anastasia.I believe that's your first interview after the US open final?

Hello.Yes, it's my first one since then.I know I should keep in touch with the press, but I just couldn't handle all the things at once.But you have me here doing an interview now, so... *smiles*

Q:It's your third consecutive final.You've played a LOT if tennis last few weeks.

Yes, I did.It's awful.No, really, I enjoy it, that's why I'm playing it.I know I can act a bit biatchy, but that's my advantage.People don't like that.But overall, yeah, I enjoy it, so I am very happy that I was able to reach that.

Q:Maybe it's some kinda record?

Yeah, I believe it is.Or maybe not.

Q:You weren't very happy with your game at the US open.Are you happy now?

No, I'm still not happy.Why would I play like that if I can play better.Why would I win in 3 sets if I can win in 2?So, I just want to make the most of my talent that I believe in.And it kinda works, but I still have to become consistent, which I am not.

Q:I still haven't ask you about the open...

Well, then ask me.

Q:How do you feel as a Grand Slam finalist.

Not good at all.I would feel good if I would win it. *smiles* But if I look things from another side I like the feeling.I feel I belong here.In the top 8.

Q:So, your thoughts for todays Final.

I don't want to be the finalist again.This time I want to win!But Brandi is in form, and it will be tough to beat her.But I hope I can win!

Q:Thanks and good luck then!


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