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Re: Jelena Pandzic Cheering Thread!!

Hi Guys! Jelena sounds like a really exciting prospect and thanks for the videos - love that backhand!!! Here's her draw in Albuquerque Too bad she is the #1 seeds draw, but I think she can get through! She's already won her first round match rather handily over the # 5 seed in qualies! Her 2nd round shouldn't be too much trouble either. Looks like she's got a great chance to qualify here.


(1)Michaela Johansson (SWE) d. Danielle Mills (USA) 63 61
Svetlana Krivencheva (BUL) d. Angelina Gabueva (RUS) 60 76(5)
(wc)Beatrice Capra (USA) d. (wc)Chieh-Yu Hsu (CHN) 26 62 61
Jelena Pandzic (CRO) d. (5)Liga Deikmejere (LAT) 62 62

(2)Vilmarie Castellvi (PUR) d. Paula Zabala (COL) 64 61
(wc)Kaysie Smashey (USA) d. Mami Inoue (USA) 16 62 63
(wc)Alexa Guarachi (USA) d. (wc)Lucy Scott (GBR) 60 63
(7)Irina Falconi (USA) d. Brie Whitehead (USA) 61 60

Nina Munch-Soegaard (NOR) d. (3)Audra Cohen (USA) 76(3) 64
Alexandra Podkolzina (USA) d. Shayna McDowell (AUS) 62 63
Ellah Nze (USA) d. Thien-Trang Ngyen (USA) 61 62
(8)Alexandra Stevenson (USA) d. Kim-Anh Ngyen (USA) 64 43 ret.

(4)Tetiana Luzhanska (UKR) d. Stacey Tan (USA) 63 61
Krystina Marcio (USA) d. Tiya Rolle (USA) 64 75
Kimberley Couts (USA) d. Nina Pantic (CAN) 62 63
(6)Karolina Wlodarczak (AUS) d. Nicole Leimbach (USA) 63 62
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