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Re: Top100 players by country since the beginning of the wta ranking

Originally Posted by Cp6uja View Post
Yugoslavia players:

Monika Seles (1) > Yugoslavia (YUG) > Serbia and Montenegro (SRJ/SCG) > Serbia (SRB)
Jelena Dokic (4) > Serbia and Montenegro > Serbia (her best ranking when played for Australia is also TOP100 - i think 26)
Mima Jausevac (6) > Yugoslavia > Slovenia
Sabrina Goles (27) > Yugoslavia > Croatia
Tatjana Jecmenica (72) > Serbia and Montenegro > Serbia

I think is not fair to count for Serbia only players who played in last 15 months after 600.000 Montenegro separating. Seles (1), Dokic (4) and Jecmenica (72) representing in one part of they career (that means after 1991) Serbia (and Montenegro) part of former Yugoslavia. That means Serbia have 4 TOP5 players in past , not only 2 TOP100 like you present .

CORRECT IS: Befeore 1991 Yugoslavia, after 1991 - Slovenia; Croatia; Serbia (and Montenegro); (also Bosnia; Macedonia; but they never have TOP100 players).

That means is not correct to count players who played for Serbia (and Montenegro) between 1991-2006 like YUGOSLAVIA players!

Totally agree, but wait a moment! , I've only written the slovenian and "actual serbian" parts, I will complete with Croatia and will make a special part for "former Yougoslavia" (before 1991) so no need to worry

btw Bosnia did have a player in the top100 : Mervana Jugic-Salkic, and Yougoslavia also had Sandra Nacuk.
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