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Re: Interviews & Articles

Steve Flink: Venus Williams front and center

1/16/2013 1:00:00 PM
by Steve Flink

If it seems as if Venus Williams has been around forever as a prominent tennis player, that’s because essentially she has. She came upon us as an effervescent 14-year-old way back in the autumn of 1994, turning professional on the last day of October that year in Oakland, giving the renowned Arantxa Sánchez-Vicario a scare before falling in three sets. The eupeptic Spaniard was the holder then of the French and U.S. Open titles and she finished that year at No. 2 in the world behind none other than Steffi Graf.

In any event, Williams was clearly a powerhouse in her sport, a prodigy on her way to becoming a champion. By 1997, she was in the forefront of tennis, reaching her first major singles final at the U.S. Open before succumbing to the tactical acuity and masterful ball control of Martina Hingis. Venus broke into the top five in the world in 1998, climbed to No. 3 the following year, and then celebrated a pair of sterling seasons. In 2000 and 2001, she was unbeaten at both Wimbledon and the U.S. Open, claiming the game’s two most prestigious titles back to back convincingly. She even made it briefly to the lofty territory of No. 1 in the world. That was no mean feat.

Thereafter, Venus was overtaken by her younger sister as the game’s finest big occasion player. In five Grand Slam tournament finals in a memorable span of six majors during 2002 and 2003, Venus was the runner-up to Serena. From 2004-2006, Venus did not prosper much, but in 2007 and 2008 she reclaimed some of her old authority, winning her fourth and fifth Wimbledon singles championships, halting Serena in the latter of those finals.

Venus remained a player of enduring importance, concluding 2009 at No. 6 in the world, finishing 2010 at No. 5. But her game and, more importantly, her health deteriorated. The low point for her was surely at the 2011 United States Open, when she defaulted in the second round, announcing she was suffering from Sjogren’s Syndrome, an autoimmune disease. She fell to No. 103 in the world at the end of that year, but made a comeback of significance back to No. 24 in 2012 despite failing to advance beyond the second round of the three Grand Slam events she played.

And yet, despite all of her woes, regardless of the many obstacles she has faced, no matter what the mounting size of her challenges, Venus Williams has refused to give up. She walks on court for nearly every match she plays these days with no reservations, delighted to be still out there in the big arenas competing, realizing that the game remains her ultimate fascination. Last night, Venus overcame deficits in both sets to defeat the Frenchwoman Alizé Cornet 6-3, 6-3 in the second round of the first 2013 major. With that win, she earned a highly anticipated appointment with her old rival Maria Sharapova. Their third round meeting should be gripping in many ways. It is a match the tournament needs, a battle of established champions, an encounter between a seven time Grand Slam singles victor in Venus and a career Grand Slammer in Sharapova.

Sharapova, of course, will be the clear favorite. She is the world’s second ranked player, and the 25-year-old Russian has commenced this tournament impeccably, casting aside Olga Puchkova and Misaki Doi without the loss of a game. No woman had recorded back to back 6-0, 6-0 wins in the first and second rounds of a major since the Australian Wendy Turnbull realized that feat in 1985. To be sure, Sharapova thoroughly outclassed her two overwhelmed adversaries, and was never given much of a test in either confrontation. The fact remains that Sharapova will head into her contest with Williams not only confident but also well rested. That must be a relief for the Russian after approaching the tournament nursing a collarbone injury.

As for Williams, she will need to elevate her game decidedly from the form she displayed against Cornet. Her performance in that match was uneven, but she did recover impressively in both sets. Venus seemed apprehensive at the outset. She twice double faulted into the net in the second game of the match, and lost her serve to fall behind 2-0. But quickly Williams found her range. Propelled by a superb backhand down the line passing shot at 30-30 in the third game, Venus broke back, held at love, and broke again at 15 for 3-2. In that fifth game, Venus produced an exemplary crosscourt forehand volley winner and a neatly executed backhand down the line drop shot winner. She had won 12 of 15 points and three games in a row, breaking twice in that stretch.

Venus saved a break point on her way to 4-2 before Cornet held on in the seventh game. But Williams swiftly reasserted herself, holding at 15 and breaking Cornet in the ninth game on a double fault from the beleaguered Frenchwoman. In the fifth game of the second set, Venus served consecutive double faults into the net again and was broken at love. But she calmly pulled out of that predicament, sweeping four games in a row to run out the triumph. The 6-3, 6-3 scoreline was a bit misleading because Williams had to fight from behind to prevail in each of those sets, but overall she acquitted herself well and the state of her game was reasonably good.

Williams reminded us in the process of claiming this victory that she is far more comfortable at the net than her prodigious little sister has ever been. Her conventional “punch” volley is first rate. Her low forehand volley can be remarkably good. She plays that shot with authority, executes it confidently, and takes command whenever she ventures forward toward the net. Although her second serve remains problematic, it is not as large a liability as it once was. And her forehand is also more reliable than it was in the old days. So Venus Williams can take many positives with her into this appealing third round contest against Sharapova.

For the 32-year-old American, this is an opportunity to register one of her biggest wins in years over a formidable opponent, but it will be a demanding and arduous assignment. Sharapova holds a 4-3 career edge over Williams, although Venus won their only Grand Slam tournament collisions at Wimbledon in 2005 and 2007. A win at this stage would be a considerable bonus for Williams, and could reignite her career in some ways. But, win or lose against Sharapova, the ongoing dilemma for Williams will be stringing together seven winning performances at the majors over the course of a fortnight. Way back when, getting on a roll and gathering strength over a two week stretch at a Grand Slam event was a familiar routine for Venus, but these days the challenge of that endeavor is much greater and far more difficult. She may not have the stamina to stand up to those rigors anymore—but, then again, perhaps fleetingly she does.

Be that as it may, no matter how this Australian Open unfolds for her, Venus Williams is winning in many ways just by showing up.

The Effing Venus Williams!!!

Planet Venus

[SouthSide, Duval, Keys, Stephens]
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Re: Interviews & Articles

Venus Williams 16-1-13

Wednesday, 16 January, 2013

Q. Did you feel as good out there as you did in your first round?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, today I don't think I was hitting as many winners as the first round. But at the end I always felt like I was in control, so that's always a good feeling.

Q. Next up is Maria. You played many times before. What are you expecting out of this match that might be different from previous matches with her?

VENUS WILLIAMS: You know, obviously I'm not really expecting anything too different. Just, you know, high intensity level. But different, I don't know about that.

Q. She won today 6 Love, 6 Love. Do you think you have to play better than you've been playing this week? How do you feel about that?

VENUS WILLIAMS: I don't think about things that way. I play the ball. There's going to be days when you play great and win, and there's going to be days when you play not as great and you win.

Whatever day that is, you have to win. It's not about for me I have to play perfect every match. I don't have that mentality.

Q. You've had some big matches against her. Any particular matches that stand out to you against her?

VENUS WILLIAMS: I mean, at this moment, I haven't really thought that hard about it, so I don't know. Got to get back to you on that one.

Q. You both are great champions. Do you go into the match with a different mentality? Do you need to psych yourself up a little bit more? Not a routine third round.

VENUS WILLIAMS: I don't think I'm really going into it with a different mentality except really focusing on what I'm doing with the ball. That's pretty much it.

I mean, for me, I know I'm not the highest seed, so I realize I'm probably going to have to play someone and someone is going to have to play me. That's pretty much what it is.

Q. Your doubles partner suffered a little injury scare in her first round match. Have you talked to her about staying in the doubles?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, I guess she has to see how she feels. I don't know how she feels. She'll see tomorrow. Hopefully she'll get a win in the singles and then see how she feels.

That's something that I don't really know.

Q. Have you talked to her about the injury today?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah. I was like, How are you feeling? She was like, Yeah, I'm good. You know, obviously I'm not going to give any details in here.

She's obviously a fighter and she doesn't complain, so...

She's not looking for any sympathy. She just wants to hopefully play the singles and doubles, and that's it.

Q. At this stage in your career do you define yourself by wins and losses? If not, what defines success for you?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Oh, wow, that's a good one. I've been so successful, so for me success is when I go out on the court and execute my game. That's when I feel successful. I feel like I've done something. That's kind of what it's about now.

Q. Regardless of the result?

VENUS WILLIAMS: If I execute my game, the result is good. But it feels good to play like you practice and the things that you train. So if I don't do that, then I don't feel as successful.

For me it's about bring the best out of me, yeah.

Q. Do you still feel going up against an opponent like Maria if you bring your best game you will win?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Most people feel if they bring their best game they'll win. It's about bringing the best game and winning under any circumstances.

So, like I said, I don't focus on the best game. I focus on just trying to play my best, no matter if it's the best game or not the best game.

Q. Do you feel more embraced by the public and fans than at any time in your career?

VENUS WILLIAMS: I don't know. Maybe. Perhaps. I don't know. I think people have always been pretty nice to me. I try to be nice to people, yeah.

Q. Have you gotten any compliments on your dress?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, I get a lot of compliments on my dress.

Q. What do people say?

VENUS WILLIAMS: They love the color. I love your dress. It's a nice style. Women's players, men's players, people working around. That's been very satisfying because I work hard on the designs. I'll spend all day and all night on the designs. I eat hot fries usually during the design sessions.

Then the one time that I didn't, I couldn't think of anything, so I ordered some hot fries. I got there the next day, and, bam, I had the best ideas.

But since that time I've really had to discontinue that. I can't eat the hot fries. I credit all these designs to hot fries.

Q. Are they like spicy French fries?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Oh, they are so spicy, and I just keep eating 'em and it hurts. I just pop 'em away.

It's still vegan because it's somewhat a potato. It's just very processed, extremely processed. Probably poisonous (laughter).

Yeah, I don't know why. It's just always been part of the design. When I design, I eat hot fries.
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Re: Interviews & Articles

Australia continues to be good to me. I’m 5-0 since coming Down Under for the Hopman Cup and the Australian Open. So far, the Open has been a great experience. I love the Majors and this tournament is always so exciting because after the off-season and all of the training I just want to play some matches! The hours and hours of training get a little tough after awhile so the matches feel so rewarding.

My first match of the tournament was also the first match of the day, which is always tough in Australia because the sun is right in your eyes. You’d think I’d be used to that after 13 years, but no. I was able to play aggressively, though, and get my serves in. Best of all, the match only lasted one hour. That is a blessing in a tournament that is two weeks long.

The second round went well, too. I don’t think I was hitting as many winners as the first round, but at the end I felt like I was in control. That is the key. For me, success is when I go out on the court and execute my game. That is when I feel successful, when I feel I have done something.

Next, I meet Maria Sharapova who is ranked No. 2 in the world right now. She has been destroying everyone she has played here. No one has even won a game against Maria so far in this tournament. I’m not intimidated, though. I’ll have to bring my best game against her, and find a way to win under any circumstances. For me, it is about staying positive and focusing on the things I can accomplish. And rushing the net helps too.

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Re: Interviews & Articles

Friday, 18 January, 2013

Q. Were you a little bit surprised at the way Maria played tonight? She seemed to be on form out there.
VENUS WILLIAMS: She played very well. I expect her to play well.

Q. Did she play better than you thought?
VENUS WILLIAMS: You know, I think I've seen her game a lot of times. I think I knew what to expect. Like I said, she played really well.

Q. What about your own performance? Do you feel you played poorly tonight or it was a matter of Maria playing too well?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, definitely not my best day today.
But, you know, there's always other days to play better.

Q. Do these results motivate you to get back to where you were or is it a kick in of the guts because you're trying hard?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Honestly, every day that I practice is a day that I'm motivated to be better. Regardless of my results I want to be better, the best, the best that I can bring.

Q. Obviously not your A game. She was making it hard. At the end of the second set did you feel like you might be getting in there and start to turn things around?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, definitely. You know, one or two holds makes a big difference between 3 All or having a break.
So it's always important to take those opportunities.

Q. Was there anything in particular in your game that you thought was dissatisfying?
VENUS WILLIAMS: I just had a lot of errors. You know, that never helps.

Q. What is your schedule like from here to Miami?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Well, I'm playing doubles tomorrow, so that's definitely my focus right now. And after that, I mean, that's pretty much all I'm thinking about right now, is the doubles.

Q. How did you feel out there in your first round?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, I think in the beginning we just were getting used to playing doubles again. We hadn't played in a while. Hopefully we'll keep playing better during the tournament.

Q. What are some of the positives you'll take out of your singles tournament?
VENUS WILLIAMS: I haven't really thought about it yet. But, yeah, at this point I just feel like, you know, I'll focus on the doubles and then get ready for the next tournament.
I mean, I have to wait till French Open to play another major in singles, but there will be a lot of tennis in between.

Q. On a non tennis note, did you watch any of Oprah's interview with Lance Armstrong?

Q. Is it something that players are talking about, his confession to doping?
VENUS WILLIAMS: I think everyone is pretty much focused on the tennis. Maybe other players are talking about it. I have no idea.

Q. Do you have any reaction?
VENUS WILLIAMS: I can't talk about anything I don't know anything about, so I'm just going to keep my mouth shut. I'm not an expert on that stuff. That's all I can say.

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Re: Interviews & Articles

Short ass interview
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Re: Interviews & Articles

lol Yep; that's a Venus Williams interview after a disappointing loss! Just please regroup and slay Paris for me thanks
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Re: Interviews & Articles

Based on the comment about her schedule, a withdrawal from Paris would not be surprising at all.

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Re: Interviews & Articles

I hope not - she needs a rebound and what better than a fast indoor hard court tournament to slay lessors?
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The fucking Venus Williams
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Re: Interviews & Articles

Bitch needs to get points, so she better vulture Paris, Doha and Brazil like she said she would

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Re: Interviews & Articles

Injured Venus Pulls Out of Paris Open and Fed Cup Match
Published: January 25, 2013 at 1:04 PM ET

PARIS (Reuters) - Former world number one Venus Williams has pulled out of next week's Paris Open and February's Fed Cup match against Italy with a back injury.

The 32-year-old American, who has been struggling to get back to her best after suffering a serious autoimmune disease in 2011, was one of the main attractions at the French event whose top seed will be Italian world number seven Sara Errani.

"This event was really important to me and to continue climbing up in the rankings," Williams, 26th in the standings, said in a statement.

"Unfortunately, I've suffered a back pain which has forced me to rest and miss both the Paris event and the Fed Cup the following week."

Although Williams has pulled out, several big names will feature in Paris as the organizers handed wild cards to the 2009 French Open champion Francesca Schiavone, now 48th in the world, and 2011 Wimbledon winner Petra Kvitova.

(Reporting by Gregory Blachier; Editing by Alison Wildey)

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Re: Interviews & Articles

Quotable Quotes: More From Melbourne

MELBOURNE, Australia - How many more Australian Opens will Kimiko Date-Krumm play? What's the difference between veganism and cheaganism? If Zheng Jie is Jay-Z, who is Jay-G? Read on.

Zheng Jie
On the fighting spirit she showed coming back from 5-2 down in the third to beat Stosur...
"I know I'm not tall, I know I'm not strong - but when I was young my coaches told me if I wanted to go far, I need to keep fighting for every ball and focusing on every point. So that's how I play."

After that second round win over Stosur, on her third round opponent, Julia Goerges...
"We played doubles last year in Dubai. We're good friends. She calls me Jay-Z.; I call her Jay-G."

Kimiko Date-Krumm
On how many more Australian Opens she's planning to play...
"Five more! But it's not easy. I need a new body. Already since Friday - I practiced Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, then Tuesday I had my first singles match and first doubles match. Then today my second singles match, and tomorrow maybe doubles again. I need rest. But I try my best."

On whether other players from her generation have gotten in touch about her comeback...
"If I see them, we talk - for example, this morning I saw Iva Majoli and she said, 'Good job yesterday. Keep going.' Everybody says to me, 'You are crazy.' The first thing they always say is, 'You are crazy.' But they really support me a lot. Rennae Stubbs is here and we see each other every day and talk a lot - and Lisa Raymond is still playing doubles too. And when I see Steffi, she says to me, 'You should stop now and make the baby.' I also see Lindsay Davenport, Mary Joe, Conchita, Arantxa - I don't see Gaby so much. But many ex-tennis players, yeah, we talk and we laugh. It's nice to see them."

Venus Williams
On her diet...
"I think it's pretty well known I'm a cheagan."

And on exactly how that differs from being a vegan...
"If it's on your plate, I might get to cheat. If you're sitting next to me, good luck. You turn your head once and your food might be gone - I'm not perfect, but I try."

Sloane Stephens
On whether she feels pressure as the next American star...
"I don't think I'll feel any pressure until Venus and Serena retire. I don't think there is anything to worry about. I don't think American tennis is in jeopardy. I don't think Sloane's tennis is in jeopardy. I think everything is just smooth sailing right now and we should keep it that way."

On hitting her stride in the upper ranks of the tour now...
"I'm definitely settling in right now. I feel a lot more comfortable on the court. And even going from tournament to tournament, I don't feel so much anxiety about going to this place, going here, going on a plane - I kind of just realize this is how it works, and this is what I have to do to be great."
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Re: Interviews & Articles

Welcome To The Year Of The Snake

With Li Na coming off her third Grand Slam final and returning to the Top 5, and Zheng Jie, Peng Shuai and others continuing to strongly represent China in women's tennis, we at wish everyone a happy Chinese New Year - and in the spirit of the holidays, we look at the Chinese Zodiac, a scheme that looks at time as a 12-year cycle rather than the linear Western concept of time.

In the Chinese Zodiac, the beginning of every year falls somewhere between late January and early February. Each of the 12 years in the Chinese Zodiac is represented by an animal sign and thus its reputed attributes: rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig.

Which animals are the Top 50 players on the WTA? The birth years range from 1980 to 1994...

Rat (1984)
Samantha Stosur
Marion Bartoli
Sofia Arvidsson

Ox (1985)
Hsieh Su-Wei
Jelena Jankovic
Kirsten Flipkens
Peng Shuai
Kaia Kanepi

Tiger (1986)
Maria Kirilenko
Varvara Lepchenko
Elena Vesnina

Rabbit (1987)
Maria Sharapova
Angelique Kerber
Sara Errani
Ana Ivanovic
Lucie Safarova
Yaroslava Shvedova
Tsvetana Pironkova
Aleksandra Wozniak

Dragon (1988)
Julia Goerges
Ekaterina Makarova
Carla Suárez Navarro

Snake (1989)
Victoria Azarenka
Agnieszka Radwanska
Dominika Cibulkova
Yanina Wickmayer
Alizé Cornet
Sabine Lisicki

Horse (1990)
Petra Kvitova
Caroline Wozniacki
Sorana Cirstea
Mona Barthel
Tamira Paszek
Urszula Radwanska
Irina-Camelia Begu

Sheep (1991)
Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova
Bojana Jovanovski
Simona Halep
Kiki Bertens

Monkey (1980 & 1992)
Venus Williams
Heather Watson
Christina McHale

Rooster (1981 & 1993)
Serena Williams
Sloane Stephens

Dog (1982 & 1994)
Li Na
Nadia Petrova
Klara Zakopalova
Laura Robson

Boar (1983)
Roberta Vinci
Zheng Jie
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Re: Interviews & Articles

Nine for IX: 'Venus VS.'

Feb 19, 2013 2:49 PM ET | By ESPN Films

"Venus VS." -- Directed by Ava DuVernay

Film summary
We know about the swing. We know about the swagger. But what most Americans don't know about Venus Williams is how she changed the course of her sport. In a stunning case that captured the European public beginning in 2005, Williams challenged the long-held practice of paying women tennis players less money than their male counterparts at the French Open and Wimbledon.

With a deep sense of obligation to the legacy of Billie Jean King, Williams lobbied British Parliament, UNESCO and Fleet Street for financial parity. Indeed, it was her poignant op-ed piece in The London Times that convinced many people that the tournament organizers at Wimbledon were "on the wrong side of history."

The boys clubs at Roland Garros and Wimbledon finally relented in 2007. In fact, during that same year at Wimbledon, Venus became the first women's champion to earn as much as the men's champ (Roger Federer).

ESPN Films'Venus VS.' director Ava DeVernay

Director's bio: Ava DuVernay
Winner of the Best Director Award at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival for her second feature film "Middle of Nowhere," Ava DuVernay is a writer, producer, director and distributor of independent film. DuVernay made her feature directorial debut with the critically acclaimed 2008 hip-hop documentary, "This Is The Life." Winner of Audience Awards in Toronto, Los Angeles and Seattle, the film debuted on Showtime in April 2009. LA Weekly raved, "'This Is The Life' vaults into the upper echelons of must-see hip-hop documentaries."

In 2010, DuVernay wrote, produced and directed the narrative feature "I Will Follow," starring Salli Richardson-Whitfield. Released theatrically in 2011, the family drama was hailed by critic Roger Ebert as "one of the best films I've seen about the loss of a loved one."

DuVernay also directed and produced three network music documentaries in 2010. "My Mic Sounds Nice" is a definitive history of female hip-hop artists. "Essence Music Festival 2010" is a two-hour concert film chronicling the nation's largest annual African-American entertainment gathering, in New Orleans. "Faith Through The Storm" is a documentary about black women Katrina survivors. Each film aired on BET and TV One, respectively.

Previously, DuVernay worked as a film marketer and publicist for more than 14 years, forming DVA Media + Marketing in 1999. Her award-winning firm provided strategy and execution for more than 120 film and television campaigns for acclaimed directors such as Steven Spielberg, Clint Eastwood, Michael Mann and Bill Condon. A UCLA graduate, DuVernay is the founder of the African-American Film Festival Releasing Movement and a member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. She is based in Los Angeles.

DuVernay: Personal statement
"Venus VS." is a documentary chronicling the ground-breaking actions of Venus Williams and the fair pay struggle in the game of women's tennis as they unfolded at Wimbledon from 1973-2012. From the advent of the WTA by Billie Jean King and the Original Nine to the 2012 gender politics reignited by male tennis player Gilles Simon, the film will outline the prelude to, and impact of, Williams' bold public statement and private campaigning, which served as a springboard for radical change within the sport.

Venus is a superior athlete, a legend; but she is also an activist who revolutionized her sport off the court with her fight for prize equality. I don't believe this story should be relegated to dusty history books and UK newspapers. People in the United States should know of her true professional bravery and personal tenacity in making sure women athletes are regarded and rewarded on par with their male counterparts. This is my mission.

Join the conversation and tweet your thoughts about "Venus VS." to #NineforIX.
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Re: Interviews & Articles

ELEVEN by Venus Williams
One week until we will debut the EleVen Summer Collection at The Sony Open. New fun colors and prints. Can anyone guess what our summer prints will be?

Love Trumps Hate
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Re: Interviews & Articles

Venus Preview Fall/Winter 2013

With an education in design and her own line of apparel under her belt, Venus Williams has already achieved success on the fashion front. The tennis star has been known for pushing the envelope as it relates to her on-court style statements. Recently Venus’ infamous outfits like the Moulin Rouge-inspired black lace dress and Alice In Wonderland-inspired Australian Open ensemble have been replaced by less risque and more feminine, elegant designs. Just like her competitive fashions, her EleVen by Venus offerings have evolved over time.

Williams had first launched her EleVen clothing line in 2007, in collaboration with retailer Steve & Barry’s. This past Fall she debuted a revamped range of athletic wear, serving up a larger selection of styles. Williams showcased pieces from her Fall/Winter ’13 collection in New York City yesterday. The active lifestyle and performance looks include jackets, tops, pants, leggings and dresses in bright colors and vibrant prints. When discussing her newest collection, Venus told WWD:

“It’s the evolution of the line. It’s bigger than the first season and I’m trying to offer more pieces to fit more people.”

“I want to encourage a healthy, active lifestyle.”

The EleVen line is available at tennis and specialty sports shops in the U.S. and online here. Here’s a preview of the new styles:

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