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Re: The Suicide Locker Room.

Originally Posted by LudwigDvorak View Post
Wait, so...

if I had picked Dementieva for Day04, and my BU was Hantuchova, since Hantuchova retired my pick would be rendered obsolete? If that's the case, that makes no sense, Dementieva still won. It's like not counting her victory over Hantuchova as a real one. Now, if you meant that if someone chose Hantuchova and had Dementieva as a BU...then I'd understand.

I'm mildly confused.
Retirements do count as completed matches, your BU is used ONLY if a player withdraws from the tournament OR gives a WO. You're through to day 5 with Dementieva. Though you're BU pick was wrong, since in case of a WO, you'd be put without a pick Dementieva-Hantuchova match picks wouldnt count at all
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