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OK, let's give it a try. I'm Wout, from the Netherlands, from the southern city of Oss. I'm over 23 years old. Which is funny since until recently I was a "junior member". I don't post a lot, but when I do it's invariably about Kata, whose tennis activity I try to follow on a daily basis. There is really no good reason why I started following her, about 8 years ago. This was when she first broke into the top 100 and drew some attention. I saw her play on TV around that time and liked her style of playing. Reminded me of Sabatini. Then she got injured and I was interested to see whether she could recover from that, and I've followed her since then. This has been a rewarding experience, because Kata has been getting better consistently over the years and I generally feel that she makes the most out of it. It will be interesting to see how far she can go. As we all know, there are not a lot of opportunities to see her games or to hear her interviews, but the little information we get suggests that she is a nice person and a fair-play competitor. I saw her play in Rosmalen ('s Hertogenbosch) three years ago, where she played a very good first round match against Maja Matevzic. It was exciting to finally see her in real life. My brother and I occupied our seats in the stands some minutes before the match started, and we could see Kata and Maja walk all the way from the locker room to this remote court where we were. Then later we sat just a few meters away from her watching the Pisnik-Penetta match, but we didn't talk to her as we wanted to leave her in peace. That's all.
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