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Re: Kim Clijsters Official Website

Now, in English

Very eager to take part in Diamond Games
Hardly a week before the Diamond Games, bring them on! I look forward to be playing an entire match again, which has been a while, especially in a big stadium. The motivation is in place, the training sessions are going really well. Time to start and pencil in an important next step eyeing next year.

The excitement of playing against the world's number one and in front of so many spectators are the perfect circumstances for a real test. I've already tweeted with Caroline Wozniacki that she'd better be ready for this. At the Masters last year I played one my best matches ever against her, I most certainly hope this will be the case again. And watch out for the doubles later on, Elke has been preparing very thoroughly. We'll be training next week.

In the meantime I'm on track. The tough and strenuous physical training has now been replaced by several hours of tennis each day, like 1-2.30pm today. Physically I feel fine, maybe even fitter than ever before! I'll be playing my first set tomorrow, against Stefaan, my sparring partner.

Last week we had friends over from the States. I'm happy that Brian regularly sees friends coming over. We all went to Eurodisney and of course the kids were over the moon about it all! But now all focus is on tennis again!

Hopefully I'll be seeing you all in Antwerp?


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Re: Kim Clijsters Official Website

Meet Team Kim
Tennis may very well be an individual sport, top level tennis players never win on their own...
Kim about Team Kim: "I now feel I have the perfect team around me. After all these years, I now know exactly what I need and I'm happy to have people on board who are nice, very good and who are all friends too.'

Carl Maes: coach
Carl coached Kim first between 1995 and 2002. He helped her big breakthrough in professional tennis take shape. After having been away for a few years, wandering other tennis roads, he joined Team Kim again in June 2011. With his longstanding experience and extensive expertise, Carl can bring Kim still some detail that can make the decisive difference at the highest level. Despite all those years in women's tennis, Carl is still very driven and he still eager to learn himself.
Kim about Carl:
"Carl is one of the best tennis coaches in the world and the ideal coach for me. I feel very comfortable around him and am delighted to experience the last part of my career with him.''

Stefan Wauters: assistent coach
An assistant coach himself, Stefan is coach Carl's right hand and also Kim's sparring partner. Stefan and Kim have known each other since their teenage years, when they trained together at the tennis school. In 2006, Stefan was the world's number 212 and in 2011 he was unbeatable in tournaments in Belgium. Stefan won more than a hundred matches in a row. Kim could not have desired a better Belgian sparring partner. Also, because off the courts they get along very well too: they chat about sports, but also about film, music, ...
Kim about Stefan:
"We just clicked. He is very sweet, passionate and radiates calm.''

Sam Verslegers: osteopath, fitness trainer (physical coach)
It is Sam's prior task to assist Kim in avoiding injuries as much as possible. To that purpose, he assesses Kim weekly with an osteopathic check-up. Any imbalance is corrected through therapy or strengthening exercises. In the capacity of physical coach, Sam helps Kim in building up and maintain her form. In doing so, the optimal mix of power, speed and endurance is sought. In his work, Sam is also supported by his girlfriend Eef.
Kim about Sam:
"We have become best friends. Sam might very well the one who can motivate me very well, perhaps the best of all.''

Nicole Thijs: nanny and cook
During her first career Kim only had to consider herself. Now she has become a mother, things have changed. Like any other child, Jada needs a routine in sleeping and eating. So, if Kim is busy preparing for a competition, Nicole takes care of that. When hotel life is too boring, Jada and her nanny go for a walk. But when Kim hits the courts, Jada and Nicole sit together in the stands to cheer for her!
Kim about Nicole:
"Nicole is a very good friend. I often ask her for advice, as she has three children herself.'

Francis Lemmens: doctor
Kim has known Francis ever since she was little. Francis played football at SK Tongeren with Kim's dad Lei. There the friendship emerged. Francis has always been the doctor of the Clijsters family. He might be a pediatrician, his passion and interest for sport has extended his medical knowledge. When Dr. Francis is around at any of the tournaments Kim takes part in, she always feels in good hands. He has often been there to help Kim out.
Kim about Francis:
"Francis is a very nice man, who is sort of like a father figure to me during tournaments. And of course, he is Brian's music buddy ;-)"

Bob Verbeeck: manager
With his company Golazo, Bob offers many services to Kim. Golazo is responsible for her sponsorship program and guides her through all contract negotiations with their experienced legal service. Furthermore, Golazo assumes the position of a media strategy manager (official communications, press conferences, website, ...). Kim feels fine at Golazo and she is proud to be working with the people there.
Kim about Bob:
"Bob may very well be my manager officially, I don't see him like that at all. He means a lot to me. Ever since daddy died, I have always been able to count on him: for strictly private matters as well as for plans and ideas."

Karolien Rector: dietician
As a dietician, Karolien devizes Kim's diet before and after games and practices. She is a very focussed young woman with great ambition, discipline and expertise. She became part of Team Kim through Kim's previous coach, Wim Fissette.
Kim about Karolien:
"Karolien and myself share the same passion for food and therefore for healthy recipes and ideas."

Brian & Jada: family
Team Kim would not be Team Kim without Brian and Jada. On 13 July 2007, Kim married the American basketball player Brian Lynch. On 27 February 2008, they had a daughter, Jada. People like Carl, Sam and Stefan have a clear role within the team, but the same does not apply to Brian or Jada. Should a 'job description' be possible at all, it would be: "keep Kim in good emotional condition". Which of course sounds too much businesslike. Brian and Jada are simply the biggest supporters of Kim, at all levels!

Brian also has a great passion for music. Listen to 'Beneath the Surface' here, a song he wrote himself.

Kim about Brian:
"Brian is a fantastic husband. We talk so wonderfully with each other, at home quietly, but also at busy times. He is my first and foremost sounding board, but also my outlet. "

Kim about Jada:
"In difficult moments Jada is my first consolation. She doesn't grasp those setbacks yet and her wonderful reactions pull me through. It is she who ensures that my role as a mother has priority over my sporting ambitions. "
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Re: Kim Clijsters Official Website

Kim ready for comeback in Rosmalen

Kim is ready for her comeback at the WTA tournament of Rosmalen. On Wednesday she already heads for the Netherlands to train on the grass there.

Kim is currently working hard to make her comeback in Rosmalen. She will return to competition at the WTA tournament in Rosmalen. "I already have had a pitch prepared in Rosmalen so that I can train on grass," Kim said. On Wednesday she already heads for the Netherlands for a first time. Because of the bad weather of the recent weeks, she tried to mimic playing on grass by playing on carpet.

Kim started training again two weeks ago. "I feel the court again very well," she says, delighted. She does not fear a new injury. "Those injuries have been very frustrating, because I'd rather play matches." It does hurt that the French Open will be starting soon without her. "It might not be my favourite type of court, it remains a special tournament. Yet, it would be too risky to play there now. The clay season is difficult for me. "

Kim does hope to benefit from her injuries. "My schedule has been much less busy. For the main contenders that's quite different. " However, now that Kim no longer is a top seed for the Olympics, she will likely play reputed opponents soon. "It hardly matters to be honest. Playing those girls even adds to the motivation."

Kim is also looking forward to the Olympics. "The Olympic fever is growing," she said. "I always sympathized with the Belgian athletes at the Olympics, like with Tia Hellebaut. I look forward to share that experience myself."

In a few months Kim will conclude her tennis career as a pro for good. The U.S. Open will be her last major tournament. "That will be a special tournament," she told a press conference at the presentation of StarMeal, abrand new food concept.

"We'll be in the United States with my husband's family. The U.S. Open is the perfect way to say goodbye." Clijsters won the U.S. Open three times already (2005, 2009 and 2010). This year the American Grand Slam starts on 27 August.
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Re: Kim Clijsters Official Website

Kim updated her website. Her next tournament is the US Open, so I guess there is no chance of her playing a warm-up... That's frustrating.
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Re: Kim Clijsters Official Website

No English translation yet (or possibly ever knowing Kim's site these days...)

Geraakt door het nieuws van Ford Genk

Het werd tijd dat ik nog eens iets van me liet horen. Met mij alles prima hoor, maar dat is van geen tel als je het nieuws van Ford Genk hoort.
Wat er bij Ford Genk gebeurt laat niemand onberoerd, mij ook zeker niet, als Limburgse en ambassadeur van de provincie. Ik leef enorm mee met de mensen die hierdoor getroffen worden. We kennen allemaal wel iemand in onze familie- of vriendenkring die hier bij betrokken is. We kunnen alleen maar hopen dat er voor al die mensen een goede oplossing uit de bus komt en iedereen op termijn op zijn pootjes zal vallen.

Ik heb mij intussen aangepast aan het normale leven. Thuis met Brian en Jada, zonder dwingende tornooikalender. Een beetje sporten, maar op mijn tempo en die zaken waar ik op dat moment zin in heb: 's morgens in de fitness en daarnaast wat lopen, mountainbiken, squashen en yoga. Op de club ga ik geregeld wat meedoen met de jongeren van de academy. In zo'n grote groep trainen is heel fijn en heel anders dan wat ik tijdens mijn carrière zelf deed.

Echt veel rust heb ik nog niet gehad. Ik ben ook druk in de weer met tal van voorbereidingen voor 12/12, wanneer ik in het Sportpaleis mijn definitieve afscheid vier op Kim's Thank You Games. Daarover horen jullie in de volgende dagen en weken ongetwijfeld nog meer, maar het zal een schitterende en verrassende avond worden...!

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Re: Kim Clijsters Official Website

I suppose that now Kim is retired, her forum should be moved to the retired players part of Tennisforum.

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Re: Kim Clijsters Official Website

Can you please don't move it until Kim's Thank You Games is over?
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