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Re: Marion, FFT and Fedcup

Originally Posted by Super_Marion View Post
As a fairly recent convert to Marionism i'm maybe not in the best position to fully comment... But that wont stop me! My instincts are to defend Marion.

A few observations.

Marion is an individualist. She has her own unique idiosyncratic but effective game. It works for her. When she's ON, she can beat anyone. Marion and her father have not so much been criticised, but CASTIGATED, for doing it their own way. Yet in the end, Marion and Walter Bartoli have the last word.. Wimbledon Final.

Maybe part of the reason why Richard Williams and Walter Bartoli are friendly, is that they know what it's like to be outsiders among the tennis literati. Maybe, just a thought.

Being an individualist, Marion has always made it clear, that her first loyalty is to herself, and her honor to her dad, (Not her country). Marion and Walter have made a lot of sacrifices, and did a lot of work to get this far. I'm sure Marion loves her country. However It wasnt the nation of France that got her to a slam final, it was Marion, and her father.

Marion owes no duty to France, or the French Tennis Federation. Not least because France somewhat turned it's nose up at Marion Bartoli. Not the darling of French tennis. The preference has always been for Dechy, Golovin, Mausesmo et al.

It's disingenuous of Natalie Dechy to say that the French team cant make coaching exceptions for Bartoli. The reality is every team always make extra effort to accomodate their star players. It's like that for David Beckham in soccer. It's like that between umpire's and top seeds. Thus, It is perfectly reasonable that certain lattitude and compromise should be permitted to Marion Bartoli.

Golovin may resent it. Maybe jealous? but fact is that the runt is now a high-status player.

I'm sure Marion's game wouldnt be at it's optimal best if alien conditions were imposed up her. Surely she would feel uncomfortable.

As fans we love to see the swoosh swoosh swooshing of the invisible dragon!!! The bunny-hop and jump. The gun-cock serve.. things that no other players do. Things that make her game fascinating to watch. Marionisms!

Marion is 22 not 12. She knows what's best. It's her prerogative to make choices about how to play, and which competitions to play in.

To Ms. Golovin I say this.. Marion keeps cats. She doesnt run with a pack of dogs.. Marion is an individualist. Not a collectivist.
Fantastic, well said indeed

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