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Marion, FFT and Fedcup

George Goven said that Walter said Marion was too tired to play Fed cup and Goven accepted that and said he wouldn't be a good coach if he selected her anyway and that there is still the possibilty she will play the olympics.

then Tati said: If find that it's said she's not coming. These are always the excuses from her father...thats ok, it's a week out of the year. It's an honour to be there. To not come, thats said and dissapoinging., she doesn't give us a good image. When she goes on the TV and she starts to say that Russia beat us because she couldn't see her father in the stands. You are a tennis player, you can't manage yourseld alone on the court? I find that ridiculous. Whats more, we're not alone, we have a super captain, a super coach, super team and a good staff. And when she says that the italians have won because they have their trainers, that's not true. If she doesn't want to go, that's her problem. Me I wasn't born in France and yet, I seem more french that she is.

Mauresmo: she must conform to the rules of the group.

It's out of the question to make an exception for Marion. Goven says that he won't integrate Marion into the team on her conditions. " They have to be a group, no individuality. If Marion wants to play she is welcome but it has to be with the conditions of the team. I say what the other members of the team thing." Mauresmo basically says the same thing...

Dechy: If we let Marion do that, there will be othe players who'll come with other systems, and another and another and in the end, there won't be a team. From teh moment one makes an exception, the team doesn't work anymore. And also, when I hear talk (by Marion) of fatigue, I don't agree with that. We are all tired, we all have schedules, we all have played a large number of matches when we arrive at fed cup, the change of surface is there for all players. the weeks of fed cup aren't easy to put in the program already busy. When we are a finalist at a grand slam, if we are not injured, it's an honour and a thing you must do to represent your team and your country and go fight for a place in the final. I find it a shame that Marion didn't come. I think that the results that the men have had in the davis cup and the women in the fed cup are born in the spirit of the group. It's the same in footbal or rugby, it's that that changes between the tournaments and fed cup. playing fed cup, it's harder that playng a tournament. One must have the team behind you, that's what makes the strenth of the team.
Fed cup team v. Bartoli round 234434:

For those people who haven't followed Marion's career for very long, this has been an on going saga. Basically Marion want's to play fed cup but still wants to train/be coached by her father rather than Goven (I believe) and those are against the rules.

Walter told Goven that Marion was too tired to play this year (hence Dechy's comments) and that is why she is not playing this year...

That's my translation of an article in French that was posted by Tati fan's in the GM...a little bit harsh from the girls imo..what do you think?

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