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POLICY Spamming / Abuse via the reputation or private messaging (PM) system


Spamming is considered any of the following actions:
  • Repeatedly posting threads on the same topic in the same or different parts of the forum.
  • Repeatedly bumping up old, obsolete threads in any forum for no apparently good reason.
  • Repeatedly posting one word posts or smileys in threads as a clear attempt to increase your post count (eg. to qualify for entry to some of the forum games.)
  • Repeatedly posting advertising messages or using reputation / private message mediums for this purpose.
  • Repeatedly plugging your website where it is not relevant.
All of the above are considered unacceptable and are grounds for thread / post deletion, warnings, suspension and / or permanent banning from this site.

Spam / abuse via the reputation or private messaging (PM) system

Please forward any PMs that you consider to be spam or abuse to a supermod or admin so that they can be dealt with accordingly.

Any use of the reputation system to leave abusive comments that you consider offensive or spam can be reported to supermods or admins by reporting one of the offending poster's posts. Alternatively, if said poster has no posts, you can send a PM to a supermod or admin.

Do not start threads naming posters in the public forum as there have been occasions when one side does not represent the entire story accurately.

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