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Exclamation InDian WeLLS (2003)-- Can Daniela Defend it?

Indian Wells is nearing, and on everyone's [mostly Dani fans] mind is: Can Daniela Defend this title?

Lets think of why Daniela CAN and WILL defend it:
-her thirst and pride for wanting to defend it
-her determination
-her motive: showing everyone that she IS a top-player
-the confidence that she is the favourite there
-the comfort that she loves being here and playing in front of that crowd

Lets now think of why Daniela CAN'T defend it:
-the lack her confidence that she has in the previous matches
-the inability that she cant finish off a match when shes ahead
-her not-so-good matches against the unseeded players
-pressure for defending the title

and so on... the lists can go on and on.

I've been on the official Indian Wells Site and I've looked at the Players Entry list and among them are: Daja Bedanova, Elena Bovina [up and coming.. should be a threat], Jennifer Capriati, Els Callens [remember her? the one that took Daniela to 3-sets at Antwerp?], Kim Clijster [finalist at Antwerp], Lindsey Davenport [beat Daniela in Sydeny], Natalie Dechy [took Daniela to tie-breakers in Antwerp], Elena Dementieva, Jelena Dokic, Anna Kournikova, Magdalena Maleeva [beat Daniela easily in the Tour Ending tournament], ...etc. etc. but no where to be found was: Venus OR Serena Williams... theres a breather! BUT if they are there: its not very good for Daniela.
And Daniela's records against them aint so good, shes 0-5 against Venus, thats lack of confidence there already. She will go on to think that she CANT beat the Williams, but realli she CAN, she jus have to concentrate and play HARD AND FORCEFUL! If none of the sisters play than theres a chance for Daniela, but then again theres other players in the draw that will be a threat. ...Too much negative on Daniela! [SORRY!!!]... Lets think of the POSITIVE!!!: Daniela should feel right at home here, the crowd loves her, and she loves the crowd. Last year she realli enjoyed playing here, she loves the desert heat and the beautiful sceneries, she also loves the golf courses!!! [which she took full advantage of]. I expect the crowd to be on Daniela's side, rooting her on, the crowd there respects and loves Daniela, and i dont see why Daniela wouldn't be pumped when the crowd starts chanting her name: Dani! DANI! DANI! > GO DANIELA!!!. Daniela should also feel confident because she IS the defending champ here, so she should feel the confidence power: like she owns the place!!! like, wouldnt you? You KNOW you're the champ here and NO ONE has beaten you yet, wouldnt you feel the exhilerating, thrilling, feeling that, YOU, are at the TOP?! I would!!! haha.
The reason for Daniela loosing in those previous matches/sets/games is because [i think] is the lack of concentration and confidence. She should be focussing on what she's doing and where she's playing the ball. Try to run down EVERY ball so your opponent sees how determined and fearless you are. Daniela should just draw everything [the crowd's chant, chirping birds, coughs, etc.] out of her mind and just focus on the player. Show your opponent how ready you are, how you can EASILY take them down! Besides all that, you should be praying that God loves you and is totally on your side. And if all goes well: Daniela WILL be the 2003 Indian Wells Champion!

[my articles from feel free to go to the site and check out my other articles on Daniela and other various tennis players!

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I saw her QF from Sydeny , 3 matches from AO and all matches from Antwerp and she isn't in great form . She made a lot of UE . She also stopped play serve and volley . Last year she was going o the net very often this year she played all the time from beaseline . . If she doesn't change her tactics she can lose her ranking like Dementieva .
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I just started to watch Dani's games recently (since the AO this year), so I don't know what her game was like last year... she played SERVE and VOLLEY?!? Well, that's hard to believe from the matches I've seen so far I guess that really shows that she is a little bit unconfident at the moment 'coz all the time she went to the net, she was standing too far away from the net - what happens most of the time when you're not completely confident that you're gonna make the point. And I guessed she didn't like to play at the net

But even if it wasn't her best tennis so far this year, I really liked to watch her play She always was able to concentrate when she had to make the most important points and hit some very impressive balls especially when being confident and not thinkin' too much about other things besides the match Besides that I think it's quite natural that Dani seems to go through such a phase at the moment beacause all the other players have become aware of her now and are very motivated when facing the no. 5 of the world (the matches at antwerp really showed that: callens and dechy fought to the last) - and so far Dani has solved this new situation quite alright, being always able to make at least the big points.

Considering this I believe Dani has quite a good chance defending her title at Indian Wells, I mean in a way it's HER tournament
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Can Daniela win?

Well, yes she can, but in my heart of hearts, I honestly don't think she will, however much I would love her to win. Last year, she was seeded nowhere and had no pressure on her. Going in to the final against Martina, she was the underdog and not expected to win. This year, it will be the exact opposite. She is the defending champion and is expected to win. Everyone will be out to beat her. She has never been in this position before and I think her lack of experience will find her out. I'd love to be wrong, but I'm just trying to put things into perspective. Others will be gunning for her, and if anyone can say they beat the defending champ, that would be a great scalp for them. Therefore, I don't think Dani will be able to handle that kind of pressure, in fact, I wouldn't be at all surprised to see her get knocked out early on. That's just the kind of shock that so easily happens. Come on Dani! Prove me wrong!
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Live the Dream

Ever wondered what it would be like if fantasy and reality were the same? Ever wondered what it would be like if the real world collided with your dreamworld?

Sunday 16th March 2003 - Daniela Hantuchova successfully defends her crown and beats Lindsay Davenport in the Pacific Life Open Final at Indian Wells, keeping up her remarkable record of not dropping a set along the way. Even more extraordinary is the fact that this 6-4 6-2 defeat for Davenport meant the first sets she had dropped on her way to the final. Daniela served immaculately with 74% of first serves hitting the target, 14 of them being booming aces as Davenport couldn't cope with the wide angles being thrown at her. Davenport, wearing her customary red dress was stunned into submission by a barrage of big serves and crisp volleying at the net as Hantuchova mixed up her game so much so that her opponent never knew what to expect. Daniela looked stunning in shocking pink short shorts and a white lightning flash top finished off with a sequinned red visor. Picking up the massive winners cheque and trophy, Daniela said, "This is a dream come true".

Fantasy or reality?
Truth or dream?

Never lose sight of the dream.
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If Vee and Serena arent there its not impossible for her to win at all.

Lindsay and Kim I think will pose the greatest threat but its about her tactics theres no doubt about her desire to win.

I really do think shes looking tooo thin and i think it may be affecting her game.
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Come on people... she's the reigning defending champion. And there are no Williamses in sight! What else does she need? I mean if its all about talent you guys seriously dont thinkshe won last year because of sheer luck now do you?

Kick Ass Dani... especially on your home turf!
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Ok, first, this is my honest opinion, im not being negitive or anything, im being honset!
I seriously think it will be extremely hard to Daniela to defend her title. First there's the pressure of defending it, no matter how much she goes out there and says to herself 'hey no pressure! just do as best you can' there will be! garenteed!!. This is a big tourney and the only one she's won so thats even more pressure on her. Second there's one person.....CLIJSTERS!! I truthfully can't see many players beating Kim at the moment, only the williams' and their not at IWs so Clijsters is my prediction for the title.
However!! its NOT impossible for dani to defend the title, she has a good 'chance'. Looking at the other players, Davenport & capriati - two highly experianced players, they will be tough to beat, even though Capriati's not at her best at the mo - i predict - dani could still beat them both despite their superior experience, but its down to her self-belief. Dokic (even though i REALLY want dokic to take the title as though im a dani fan, im a HUGE jelena fan) i do, it pains me to say this, think that dani could beat Jelena hands down Jelenas not playing well so thats the big factor as to why i say dani can beat her.
Any other players, i think, wont be too much of a threat
The 'up and comers' (eg. Bovina) dani can beat pretty 'comfortably' on a good day. Callens, Dani wont make the same mistake by her again, thats for sure!!
And Meleeva only really beat dani in the end of year champs coz dani was soooo tired out, and a lot of the players there had trouble with the conditions (eg. lack of atmosphere, lights, surface(?))
Overall, dani's got a good chance, but not 'fantastic easy all the way' chance, she's my second choice behind clijsters for the title.

GOOD LUCK DANI!!!! ........and jelena

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heck, yeah! she like owns indian wells!

but seriously, i think all it takes for her to defend her title is to really focus on the game. she has to want to win it really badly. she's had two weeks of rest by then. hopefully, she's recharged and ready to play well out there.

she'll win it! i mean, she has done it once and she'll do it again!

so, good luck to dani!


kick ass!

~be well~

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a great place to have their first wins over Anna/Lindsay/Jennifer [and Kim?]

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I hope she can do well..but I don't think she'll defend it
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Come on Daniela!

Defend your title!!!

[center]People are Tricky you can't Afford to Show anything Risky..
Seeing is Believing. Feeling is Deceiving. I could be anyone but your friend..
I'm going out, I'm going to drink myself to death
And in the crowd I see you with someone else
I brace myself 'cause I know it's going to hurt
But I like to think at least things can't get any worse
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