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Our players!

We don't have anyone in top 100 just now but I'm hopeful it's soon going to change!

Our top 3 in detail!

WTA105 Edina Gallovits
She's born 1984... Had her highest ranking in this month this year. She's not going to be top player in the world I think but she can do well and she is making big improvements now in the playing
WTA164 Raluca-Ioana Olaru
Born 1989... I really believe Raluca has a great talent and she's going to be top 20 player soon! She's had some really good results this year not least in the Fed Cup. She is just needing to now improve consistency and I think we expect alot from her.
WTA170 Simona Matei
I don't know much about this player honestly... She is high ranking 145 and she had some good wins, I don't know how high can she be.

Romanian top 10 this week:

105 Gallovits Edina
164 Olaru Raluca-Ioana
170 Matei Simona
201 Perianu Anda
204 Niculescu Monica
211 Gojnea Mădălina
253 Mihalache Magda
261 Buzărnescu Mihaela
278 Szatmari Agnes
325 Cīrstea Sorana-Mihaela

Some facts for rest:

Mădălina Gojnea: She has good wins as junior, she didn't have the same succes on WTA yet but we can still hope

Magda Mihalache was Romanian no. 1 for a while, I don't think she can be again because the young girls are really good but she can be better than her present rank.

Monica Niculescu was good junior, what can she do now?

SORANA! Is really talented, won her first MD match on WTA this week... I think she's up there with the best 90s girls, so we can all hope for her.

I'll write more another time when I have more time
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