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SADER WROTE :She is mentioned becuz she is probably the best known all-court-player, and the most successful in her days. This isn't "who can win, power play or all court play" but "which do u prefer to watch." Serena is adding a bit court play in her game...i saw in the US OPEN, but they seemed to come only when she plays the weaker players. I didn't see much dropping or approach shots coming from Serena when she played Lindsay or Venus. "

I think this is true of all players who advance to later rounds of grand slams, winning week 1 matches allows u to use alot of variety without too much risk of losing. When was the last time u saw hingis use an allcourt game against serena or lindsay or venus or anybody in a semifinal or final. You would have to be insane to hit a drop shot against serena or venus as fast as they move. its a guaranteed point for them in my opinion. why slow up the play with a slice so they can have a year to get to it and run u around the court. if you are tired from chasing down all of their shots what kind of offense can u have against them. A lot of th eplayers are using an all court game, its the only way to win these days. if u dont come to net you are doomed. thanks to serena and Venus. Once Venus decides to go to net, Serena's reign of terror will end. its amazing that these two players can still improve on their games at this point. absolutely astonishing.

serena is wise not to approach the net on Lindsay and Venus, they are the best at passing someone at net. why take the risk? if u are better at getting them out of position with that angled forehand.......
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