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Re: Raw tennis against diversity

Originally posted by jrm
I know starting this thread will cause a lot of comments especially for those who "whorship" their favourite but looking at top 10 it's clear that that raw, hitting till you wore your opponent down tennis is in front. Serena, Venus, Jennifer and especially Jelena and Kim (although i love her ) they hit ball as hard as they can - hardly using slice, drop shot, chip and charge (who uses it this days?) I guess people can say well it's working just fine, she is number one right. Maybe it's just me but i prefer allcourt tennis as much as diversity and flare you can bring in your game - it's also brings the unpredictable tennis.

I would watch match between Henin - Mauresmo any time insteed of boring Serena - Venus matches.
I love to watch the best. Whoever is the best, bring them on. As for losing tennis, maybe if I cannot watch the winners.

Beat'em down Ms Williams, beat'em down!

Victoria Duval - coming to a slam near you
Françoise Abanda definitely a future #1 --- Taylor Townsend devastation on the march
Venus and Serena ferocious grannies --- Kimiko Date Krumm great granny still doing her thing.
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