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Big West - 2010 News

Started to talk about rankings, predictions, analysis, players and news in general relating to the Big West Conference.
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Southwest Rankings

Women’s Southwest Rankings
January 5, 2010


1. Maria Sanchez - USC
2. Yasmin Schnack - UCLA
3. Danielle Lao - USC
4. Natasha Marks - Arizona
5. Andrea Remynse - UCLA
6. Kelcy McKenna - Arizona State
7. Alison Ramos - USC
8. Valeria Pulido - USC
9. Micaela Hein - Arizona State
10. Arianna Colffer - Pepperdine
11. Julia Trunk - SDSU
12. Maya Johannsen - UCLA
13. Laila Abdala - Arizona State
14. Sarah Landsman - Arizona
15. Stephanie Hammel - UCI
16. Pamela Montez - UCLA
17. Juliette Coupez - USD
18. Anamika Bhargava - Pepperdine
19. Sofia Novak - UCSB
20. Brooke Bartlett - UCI

1. Schnack / Remynse - UCLA
2. Pulido / Sanchez - USC
3. Hammel / Byron - UCI
4. Brown / Hein - ASU
5. Bhargava / Walters - Pepperdine
6. Montez / Pantic - UCLA
7. Alawi / Manasse - LBSU
8. Marks / Reitsch - UA
9. Trunk / Wais - SDSU
10. Lao / Ramos - USC
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Northwest rankings

Women’s Northwest Rankings
January 5, 2010


1. Jana Juricova - California
2. Denise Dy - University of Washington
3. Anastasia Petukhova - Fresno State
4. Marina Cossou - California
5. Venise Chan - University of Washington
6. Mallory Burdette - Stanford
7. Hilary Barte - Stanford
8. Katrina Zheltova - Sacramento State
9. Carolyn McVeigh - Stanford
10. Mari Andersson - California
11. Lindsay Burdette - Stanford
12. Liudmila Vasilieva - Washington State
13. Stacey Tan - Stanford
14. Catherine Isip - St. Mary's College
15. Alexandra Poorta - St. Mary's College
16. Renata Kucerkova - Fresno State
17. Jennifer Heinser - University of San Francisco
18. Anna Goransson - California
19. Jennifer Yen - Stanford
20. Kasia Siwosz - California

1. Hilary Barte / Lindsay Burdette - Stanford
2. Denise Dy / Joyce Ardies - University of Washington
3. Mari Andersson / Jana Juricova - California
4. Anastasis Petukhova / Renata Kucercova - Fresno State
5. Stacey Tan / Mallory Burdette - Stanford
6. Veronica Li / Carolyn McVeigh - Stanford
7. Catherine Isip / Anna Chkhikvishvili - St. Mary's College
8. Marina Cossou / Kasia Siwosz - California
9. Claire Soper / Alexandra Poorta - St. Mary's College
10. Katrina Zheltova / Clarisse Baca - Sacramento State

- Interesting Pacific's Jenifer Widjaja is nowhere to be found in the singles ranking.

- Interesting that Cal Poly is nowhere to be found both in the singles or doubles ranking.
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Nationally ranked players

Players in the Big West ranked on 1/5/10.


60. Jenifer Widjaja - Pacific

98. Suzie Matzenauer - Cal Poly

109. Stephanie Hammel - UC Irvine


42. Suzie Matzenauer / Amy Markhoff - Cal Poly

56. Brittany Blalock / Steffi Wong - Cal Poly

58. Rachel Manasse / Jaklin Alawi - Long Beach St.
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Re: Big West - 2010 News

Surprised the team rankings slipped by you, especially the ones concerning Big West teams . Two teams are ranked nationally to start the season:

50 Long Beach State
57 UCI
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Re: Big West - 2010 News

It is surprising that the preseason rankings are not adjusted for the strength of players gained and lost.

Your point about Fresno makes sense.

St. Mary's in Moraga ought to be ranked this year, they are building strength.
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Re: Big West - 2010 News

Originally Posted by form View Post

Team wise, just look at the roster and you see Fresno is going to plummet 25 spots.. but the sheep voted as usual doing no homework.

Singles: Nathasha Marks from AZ had big fall and got no respect... but all the usual suspects up high
1. Why do the singles and doubles rankings for 1/5 have point averages besides the players? That leads me to think the singles and doubles rankings were done by computer and not by committee voting.

2. Fresno St.'s high over ranking may ironically help UCI and LBS this year. After the Team Indoors the 1st team FS plays is St. Mary's. I think SM will win and then absorb FS ranking while it's still in the top 25 to land SM in the top 50. If UCI or LBS can defeat a highly ranked SM (like both did last season) that would be a big step in securing an insurance at-large bid for both teams before battling in the Big West Tournament.
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Re: Big West - 2010 News

Originally Posted by form View Post
Question: How does CP then get 2 doubles and a singles player ranked when none of them appear in either the NW or SW regional rankings?
I'm guessing the computer rankings are based off the preseason national rankings and not the regional rankings.

Suzie Matzenauer's Fall big wins
- def. Joanna Mather (Florida) in 3 at Riviera
- def. #67 (pre-season) Brittany Blalock (Cal Poly) in 3 at CSF Tourney
- def. Logan Hansen (Stanford) at Regionals
- def. Kasia Siwosz (Cal) at Regionals

Matzenauer / Markhoff Fall big wins
- started Pre-Season ranked #30
- def. #50 (Pre-S) Mahtani/Nguyen (Michigan) at Riviera
- def. Macfarlane/Suess (Florida St.) at Riviera

Blalock / Wong Fall big wins
- def. Armstrong/Dallara (Long Beach St.) CSF Tourney
- def. Fuchs/du Toit (Oregon) at Regionals
- def. Smatova/Cor (Oregon) at Regionals
(Smatova/Cor def. #30 Pre-S Matzenauer/Markoff at Regionals )
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Cal Poly

Here's an article from the San Luis Obispo Tribune.

Cal Poly Tennis: Highly touted seniors have one last chance to get title

Blalock, Matzenauer and Wong have kept the Mustangs’ winning ways intact

By Joshua D. Scroggin

Four years ago, head coach Hugh Bream was in need of restocking a Cal Poly women’s tennis roster that had elevated the team into contention in the Big West Conference.

He got it with the most lauded recruiting class to date, which was headlined by Palm Desert High standout and eventual conference freshman of the year Brittany Blalock. rated Cal Poly third in the nation among mid-major programs for the 2006 class, which also included Melissa Bradford, a player who’s since given up the sport with a chronic back injury.

The class was also bolstered two years later by the addition of Northwestern transfer Suzie Matzenauer, who left Evanston, Ill., to come to Cal Poly following a season in which the Wildcats finished ranked second in the nation.

The results from that point on have been mixed, but with Blalock and her group of former fabulous freshmen and Matzenauer now seniors, the Mustangs have one last shot to maximize their potential before Bream is rebuilding with another young team next year.

The quest for a conference title and NCAA success, one spurred by some new changes to the lineup, begins today with a season opener at home against Cal State Bakersfield at 2 p.m. The Cal Poly men’s tennis team opens at Pepperdine on Wednesday.

“Our first year, it was so young and full of potential,” said Steffi Wong, one of the three seniors still active from Blalock’s recruiting class. “This year, all four of our seniors are so excited, and we’ve matured so much. I think we’re going to take advantage of all of our experience, and I feel like we’re going to capitalize on it. All of us are excited to start the season, and I’m excited to see what we can do. Our confidence level has reached its peak.”

Wong — an Ontario, Canada, native — Blalock and Danish senior Diane Filip have distinctions to be proud of.

The trio helped lead the team to the finals of the Big West Conference Tournament as freshmen, getting the Mustangs to within one match of the NCAA team championships.

The following season, Blalock and Wong finished the year ranked No. 46 in the country as a doubles team, received first-team Big West honors and advanced to the NCAA doubles championships.

Still, Cal Poly has yet to win a Big West title. The Mustangs finished third last season and failed to send an individual or doubles team to the NCAA championships.

“Freshman year, we lost in the finals,” Blalock said. “The last two years haven’t been as successful. (The Big West title) is a good goal. We’ve been there. We’ve tasted it, the seniors have. So, we know what we have to do to win.”

Aiming to improve the team’s results, Bream has changed the doubles assignments, splitting up the Blalock-Wong duo that got to the postseason two years ago and severing the tie between Matzenauer and junior Amy Markhoff, who would have entered the season as Cal Poly’s highest-rated doubles team at 42nd in the nation.

Instead, Wong will be taking the lead in mentoring freshman Alexa Lee, a former five-star recruit from La Quinta High who followed Blalock’s prep footsteps in the Palm Springs area.

Bream is then putting his two strongest singles players — Maztenauer, who was 24-9 splitting time at the No. 1 spot with Blalock (23-10) last season — on the same doubles team.

“I just think Suzie and Brittney, their personalities complement each other on the court,” Bream said. “Britt is kind of the calm steady hand, and Suzie is the really competitive, fiery, explosive part of the pair. And that balance just really works well for both their chemistry and their level of play.”

Blalock and Matzenauer have only been playing together for a few months and are still feeling each other out as partners. How quickly they congeal could go a long way in determining the success of this team and whether that 2006 recruiting class will be remembered for living up to its lofty expectations.

Players admit to feeling the pressure to succeed in previous years, but this season, there’s a concerted effort to let success come to them.

“You just have to relax and calm down, breathe and think, ‘This is my last year,’ ” Matzenauer said. “I need to just have fun with it. There’s nothing to lose. It’s better to give it your all rather than be tight all year.”
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Re: Big West - 2010 News

Just from the weather reports, it looks like tomorrow's UC Irvine opener against San Francisco will be rained out.
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Long Beach St. at Maryland & George Washington

Hey Form enjoy your Washington D.C. sightseeing mini-vacation this weekend.

The matches should be quick and short giving you lots of time to go sightseeing. The feeling should be stress free like a vacation with Long Beach St.'s victory at no time in any doubt. The cupcake matches in all likelihood will end up both 7-0 wins by LBS.

Spend as much quality time with Anna Jeczmionka on this trip while she's still a 49er. AJ only has 2 wins so far this season, 1 over a UCI walk-on (M. Young) and the other over a CSUN walk-on (Massi). And she managed to lose to a Fresno St. (Modoc) & Cal Poly (Davis) walk-on.
I fear AJ's Long Beach St. career may be cut short.

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Predictions for regular season standings

Here are my predictions & notes for what the Big West regular season standings may be.

Form, RobertCB & 10sFan please post your predictions as well!

1. UC Irvine

- I had Klaudia Malenovska missing the UCI match or at least being rusty

2. Long Beach St.

- I had KM eligible for Cal Poly & UCSB in April

3. UC Santa Barbara

- I had Jill Damon or Michelle Murphy back vs Cal Poly. I wonder if mid-season transfer Jordan Dockendorf is on scholarship & took Damon's or Murphy's place?

4. Cal Poly

5. Pacific

6. UC Davis

7. Cal St. Northridge

8. Cal St. Fullerton

- I had Leslie Bullock playing vs UCR in April

9. UC Riverside


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Re: Big West - 2010 News

Hey Gouci,

Any revisions as we go into the heart of the league season?

I haven't seen any of the UCI or LB matches, but UCI looks really deep in singles and would appear to have a couple point edge over LB there. The only cloud I see for UCI is that LB would appear to have the edge in doubles, which can be huge in a close match - Taking the doubles point at SD State is impressive. I don't know what impact this KM will have, but if she is strong, then that and the doubles point might make the match pretty close. Is she coming off an injury, or is it an eligibility issue?

Doesn't seem like UCSB will beat Cal Poly, but I don't really know enough to predict that one. Hope UCR takes CSUF, but their Cal Poly Pomona performance was less than impressive. Against SD State though, UCR picked up a point, and a couple of split sets, while CSUF got nada, against a pretty comparable lineup. Tiffany Mai is having a good season, but UCR looks deeper and Taylor Raney had a better showing against Utah.

In the end, I would probably drop UCSB a spot or two, and follow my heart and move UCR ahead of CSUF, but otherwise agree. Guess we'll have to wait and see.
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Re: Predictions for regular season standings

- Klaudia Malenovska has a pro tournament win over Chelsey Gullickson of Georgia and an ITF junior tourney win over Julia Cohen of Miami. You may have heard of these 2 players as Gullickson and Cohen both reached the NCAA singles semi-finals last season. So with KM in the line-up LBS maybe the favorite to win the Big West Tournament.

- 10sFan if you watch the LBS @ UCR match I would like to get your impression on who the better player is Armstrong or Dallara. Armstrong has been the sacrificial lamb at #1 for LBS allowing Dallara to duck the other team's best player, like SDSU's Trunk who just recently beat Washington's Venice Chan, and stealing a point at #2. In my opinion Armstrong should really be playing behind Manasse at #4 singles.

- Also take a peek to see if Manasse is back to last season's form. She was injured in the Fall but even if she's back to old form I doubt she'll be moving up the line-up. LBS likes to stack their #4 singles. Last season Dallara won 21 of her last 22 matches at #4 and NEVER once moved up to #3.

- I had UCSB over Cal Poly because the gauchos have had the mustangs number of late knocking them out in the 1st round of the Big West Tourney the last 2 seasons. Plus my prediction scenario had Damion or Murphy coming back at #1 or #2 singles and pushing the entire UCSB line-up down. Without Damon or Murphy UCSB drops behind Cal Poly.

- Cal Poly is a dangerous team. Blalock and Matzenauer combined can almost get Cal Poly 3 automatic points in the Big West at doubles plus #1 & #2 singles. Then Cal Poly just needs to win 1 point from #3-6 singles to get the win. The loser of the UCI at LBS match probably runs into Cal Poly at the Big West Tournament.

- I had CS Fullerton beating UCR only with Leslie Bullock, last season's #1 for the Titans, playing.
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Re: Big West - 2010 News

Originally Posted by form View Post
Will UCI's 'semi pro' tear up the team chemistry?
Form since you bring up chemistry, let me tell you a true story which is not a rumor but I saw it and heard the words for myself.

1. During last season's Big West Tournament I was watching the Long Beach St. head coach trying to help Julie Luzar win her key match against UCI's Rebecka Kwan. Then what happened next shocked me. The Long Beach St. head coach could be heard shouting "Fine do it your way! (Julie)" as she stormed away angrily from the court.

That example proves that Julie Luzar can luck into a big victory even after brushing off her OWN head coach. Apparently there doesn't even need to be chemistry between the head coach and a player to win in some cases.

2. After her match the Long Beach St. head coach asked Julie Luzar to get something (a thigh wrap?) for Lisa Sutton who was still playing. Luzar walked away slowly. The LBS head coach and 2 other 49er players standing next to her needed to shout out together "Hustle Julie!" when they saw Luzar taking her sweet time. When Luzar heard this she didn't run but started to just jog and only for a few yards. After passing 1 tennis court Luzar looked back and saw that the head coach and 49ers players had turned their backs to watch the Sutton match. So Luzar stopped jogging and began walking slowly again the rest of the way.

So if Long Beach St. can win the Big West with Julie Luzar's attitude as part of the team, then team chemistry is way overrated in college tennis.

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