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Re: Anna articles and interviews

Relive the chat session with Anna Chakvetadze

Here are the highlights of Thursday afternoon’s chat session with Anna Chakvetadze. (Photo: DR)

Tom: People often compare you to Martina Hingis because of your game analysis, what do you think about this comparison?
Martina is an incredible player but I don’t like being compared to others. Each player is unique. We all have different personalities and styles.

titi: What are your goals this season?
To make it in the top 10, then we’ll see…

henry: Who is your best friend on the WTA tour?
I get along well with all Russian players, but my best friend is probably Elena Vesnina, my former doubles partner.

Olivier: Given the number of excellent Russian players, maybe throughout your career you won’t have the opportunity to make it to the Olympic Games or the Fed Cup… Don’t you feel like taking on Norwegian of Bahamian citizenship?
It’s true that several of us have the opportunity to play in Russian teams. For the Fed Cup, you have to keep in mind that the coach decides. As for the Olympics, I still have enough time to improve my ranking.

anna: Who is the player you dread most on the circuit?
Nobody. The top 10 players are obviously very hard to play, but I’m not scared.

mymycoucou: Even if you play against a Frenchwoman, either Amélie or Nathalie, I hope that you will have a good match and that the public won’t be too much against you, because you’re a sweet player.
Thanks, it’s true that it’s going to be very difficult for me in these conditions, but I also think it will be a very interesting game.

vic: Who were your idols when you were younger?
Steffi Graf, I admired her a lot, and also Mary Pierce.

rafa: Apart from Federer, who do you enjoy watching on the men’s circuit?
I really like to watch Marat Safin, but only when he wins because when he looses, he gets angry and sometimes it’s not pretty to watch…

Tennis: Why do so many Russians play so well at the moment? Do you have a secret?
Of course we have a secret, but I won’t tell you! (laughs)

jearmy: If you have to pick a tournament, which one would you like to win?
One of the Grand Slams, any one…

Coach: If you could steal a shot from your opponents, whose serve would you take? Whose forehand? Whose Backhand? Whose volley?
I’d like to take Roddick’s serve, Gonzales’s forehand… As well as Federer’s backhand and mental. Then I’d be world number 1, easy! No one could beat me. (laughs)

go anna: How do you deal with the stress before a crucial match?
I listen to music, I isolate myself, I think about my game plan and the way I have to play.

momo: What is your favourite city in the world?
My native town, Moscow.

MariaKirilenko: Anna, do you have a boyfriend?
No I don’t but if you would like to introduce me to someone… No problem! (laughs)

Tony K: What are your hobbies?
Unfortunately I don’t have much time for a hobby. I know it sounds boring, but really, it’s not…

Lator: According to you, who is the sexiest player?
Errr… Fernando Gonzalez!

paulo: Apart from tennis, who are your favourite athletes or who is your favourite team?
I love football, especially Chelsea and Milan AC. I also like wrestling because a lot of my friends practise this sport.

Dudu: Who is your favourite actor?
I have no favourite actress, but among the actors, it’s Johnny Depp.

bob: What kind of music do you like?
Depends on my mood but when I go out I like R&B better… Before a match I like to listen to Prodigy to wake up!!!

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